Guest Blogger: Walking my way through a daydream with Beca Lewis

IN OUR CRAZY, busy life who has time for daydreaming? My dad used to call me a space cadet because I would often drift off while at the dinner table. I was daydreaming.

As I grew up, it got harder to find daydreaming places. We can’t daydream while driving our cars, even though I know that you, like me, have found yourself driving somewhere not remembering how you got there. Dangerous right?

I love daydreaming. For me, daydreaming is the creative time where what I call Angel Ideas flood into my thinking. It doesn’t happen behind the computer, nor the TV. I can’t force an idea about what to write, or design, or figure out how to do something.

There needs to be a storehouse of ideas, the doors of which I can swing open and let the ideas flood out. I stock that storehouse in daydreaming time.

I have found small pockets of daydreaming heaven, like in the shower, but this year I unwittingly found the perfect long open space for it.

It started back in February when Del and I decided to walk while on vacation.

When we returned, I kept on walking. I thought I was walking for the health of it. It was a delight to discover that my knees had stopped hurting.

But, it turned out that wasn’t the real benefit. It’s the walk into a daydream that is the reward.

It’s the full hour or more filled with ideas. I daydream how to design things, like the new room for our house, the garden, or a picture. I daydream business ideas, and how to do them, and how to share them. I daydream what I am going to write

It’s a safe time to let ideas flood into my thinking. I know how to walk, so do you.

Beca Lewis

I walk alone. I don’t walk with ear plugs. How can you hear those ideas when you are listening to someone else? I bring my phone for emergencies. I don’t use it to walk.

Some of you who walk dogs will tell me that it is the same. It’s not. I see you walking your dogs. You walk at the dogs choice. She walks you. So do that walk, then, come back out again and walk for you.

When I was young, I walked to get away from things at home and school. Because I was making my own clothes, my daydreaming ran to designing my next outfit. Hey, I was a teenager.

Later, I started running for exercise. Sometimes I could get into the daydream zone, but more often I was trying to run.

Now that I have returned to walking, it is once again to get away; to get away from the details of life. It’s just for me. No one else. Before I go, I spend some quiet time in meditation. I noticed the difference. In meditation, I am watching the thoughts go by but not paying attention to them as I move towards the silence.

Walking – I welcome those thoughts. I have conversations with people and work things out with them, all in my own mind where it starts anyway. I let the answers to problems arrive and examine them to see what works or doesn’t work. I build things. I daydream about what might be called useless ideas that have no outcome other than I wanted to think about them.

I look forward to walking out the door each morning just before dawn breaks. There are days I feel the resistance (it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too muggy, it’s too early, it’s too late). But most of the time reminding myself that it is just for me is stronger than the resistance. By the time I cross the first street, I am grateful that I have given myself the gift of walking, of private time, of a walk into my daydreams.

If I see you walking, I will smile and say “morning” and I will be grateful that you too are having time just for yourself. Walk into your daydream. It will bring you happiness and in the end, the rest of us will benefit from your storehouse of creative ideas.

Things That Help

I stopped wearing running shoes to walk. It made a huge difference. I got these. I love them!!

Once in a while, I check in to how I am walking. Here’s my run through list.

Thumbs forward – this helps keep the shoulders back

Think broad across the back

Feet pointed straight ahead

Shoulders down and relaxed

Eyes up and vision expanded

Breathe in and out through the nose with mouth shut

Stack shoulders on top of hips

Move forward from hips

Unclench hands

Easy arm swings

Head up

I walk where there are no sidewalks. I have to walk in the street. But there are very few cars, and I face them as they come at me, so I know they are coming, and I am always prepared to step aside onto the grass

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