Love is the air, but so is a little mystery.

A touch of romance adds a dimension to any story. As they say, love is what makes the world go ‘round.

When spring opened up in full bloom, I was reminded that, aside from being a mystery and children’s book author, I’m inspired to write romance from time to time.

My romantic suspense, DANGEROUS RELATIONS, is a poignant story guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Having left an abusive marriage, Ardin Wesley plans to steer clear of all romantic entanglements. But after her promiscuous cousin is murdered, she finds herself drawn to her cousin’s widower. What complicates matters is they both want to adopt her cousin’s little girl.

Marilyn Levinson

Because amorous relationships are often volatile and always exciting, I include a touch of romance in all my mysteries. My sleuth, Lydia Krause in the Twin Lakes mysteries, shares a torrid mutual attraction with Sol Molina, the homicide detective, in A MURDERER AMONG US.

Things get steamier in MURDER IN THE AIR, and complicated because no detective likes having his girlfriend interfering in his case.

In GIVING UP THE GHOST, Gabbie Meyerson has been through an acrimonious divorce after having helped put her ex-husband behind bars, and has no interest in starting a new relationship. She comes to Long Island to teach at a local high school, nervous because she hasn’t set foot in a classroom in years.

A new job, a new home, a new life, and solving the murder of an insistent ghost is more than enough. No need to complicate matters by falling for the ghost’s best friend, the local lawman.

A touch of romance adds a dimension to any story. As they say, love is what makes the world go ‘round.

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  • Nice summaries of these books. I got the gist of them right away and they sound quite interestingly.

    • Marilyn Levinson

      Thanks, Linda.

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