Did a UFO crash at Rendlesham Forest?

The incident called for large headlines in British newspapers.

The UFO had a blinking red light on the top of it and a bank of blue lights below.

In 2015 something curious happened—something that did not get much notice. It seems that at this time, a group of men all reached retirement, based on length of service commitments. These men worked in the same place, a few had retired earlier, but it was during this year that the entire group had finally exited the military for the last time via retirement protocol.

These men had all been stationed in an area of England and had each in some way witnessed a remarkable event. It so bizarre that they could not make waves or go public without risk of losing military standing—and their pensions—if they crossed the unspoken rule to keep mum about such things.

Here is what we know. The men involved were stationed at the Bentwaters or Woodbridge bases near Ipswich. These two military bases were part of the NATO defense network and were leased from Britain by the U. S. Air Force. They were under the control of an American colonel and his deputy with a British base commander as a figurehead caretaker.

What happened on the night of December 27, 1980 is a blur—bits and pieces of the stories leaked out by word of mouth, but Charles I. Halt also wrote in a memorandum the following: “two USAF security police patrolmen saw unusual lights outside the back gate at RAF Woodbridge. Thinking an aircraft might have crashed or been forced down, they called for permission to go outside the gate to investigate.” Permission was granted and they went. Halt’s memo was not written until two weeks after the event.

At the same time they went in, a farmer was startled by an eerie light-show in Rendlesham Forest nearby, and he called security at Bentwaters. They sent out a three-man patrol to investigate. When they arrived on the scene, in the forest that abutted the military bases, they saw a UFO that was providing the light source. This was vouched for by another anonymous American airman who had just arrived on the scene. The UFO had a blinking red light on the top of it and a bank of blue lights below.

An anonymous informant explained to a civilian investigator that every time they tried to approach the craft, it would retreat into the trees. They would advance again, and it would retreat for a distance. Colonel Halt sent in more men when he was apprised of the situation by radio. They brought in flood lights operated from generators, but the gas engines refused to start. Farm animals nearby began making a ruckus.

A yellow mist covered the area, then suddenly the UFO appeared right in their midst. It was huge, dark silver, with rainbow colored lights around it. The men were ordered to form a perimeter around it. It is reported that two British police officers were seen off to the side taking pictures. Halt ordered the film to be confiscated, but air force security continued to snap away.

After about thirty minutes the UFO vanished at a great speed and a cold, eerie, blast of air covered the immediate area. One man said that when he felt the cold air his life actually flashed before his face.

In Halt’s after-the-fact memo he stated that the next day there were depressions in the soil where landing legs of the craft had been. He also said that after the craft left, a red sun-like light was seen off in the trees accompanied by other lights.

In the aftermath of the strange event, Colonel Halt denied ever seeing the actual UFO, himself, and he denied that Colonel Gordon Williams was actually present for any of it. Persistent rumors continued to flourish. One was that Halt had ordered the guarding of the spacecraft.

On a more bizarre note, Gordon Williams is said to have talked to the occupants of the UFO who appeared to him in shafts of light. There were three, and they were only three feet tall. Rumors about the UFO were that it crashed, was repaired, and left, another is that it was captured by the air force and taken to the United States.

According to a BBC article of July 13, 2015, there is new evidence about this event. Since the involved people are retired, many have now come forward with statements. Colonel Charles Halt says he did see unidentified objects at Rendlesham Forest, December 1980.

He also has statements from radar operators, RAF, Bentwaters and Wattisham airfield, that an unknown object was tracked at the time. They saw the object go across their 96km scope in two seconds—that would be thousands of miles per hour. After a time, it went past their scope again. The radar operators stated that whatever it was it was “definitely under intelligent control.

John Burroughs and Jim Pinniston were the first to report the strange lights. Halt states that he recorded a running commentary into a dictation machine as they attempted to find the source of the lights.

Colonel Halt, a resident of Virginia at the time of the 2015 statements said that some of the former service people had not wanted to speak or give statements until they retired, but now they were able to.   John Hanson, UFO researcher, said he had found Halt to be a reliable witness. Some believe that for years there was a concerted effort to hide the truth.

If you search around on You Tube you can find videos of several of those involved describing the events. Colonel Williams, now deceased, would not admit anything on the short video that he made. Rendlesham is sometimes known as Britain’s Roswell.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Quite Curious, a collection of true stories about the unknown and unexplained. Please click HERE to purchase a copy from Amazon.

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