Could stories like this happen in the real world?

A field of dreams from a long time ago.

Think a writer with a runaway imagination could come up with a story that might be read?

Read or write fiction?  If so, could use your help, feedback.

Thinking of a book of fiction.

Fiction about some folks who want to build a new ball park, although there already is a classic one in town. One the town likes.

Really, really likes.

Working Title: Playing Ball!

Maybe about a mayor who is shoved aside, because maybe he won’t play ball the way some others want him to.

You know how municipal politics can be.

About how a new mayor is installed.

How big money is raised to push the new ball park proposal along.

About how even more big money has to be hurriedly raised at the end of the campaign and wh

Inside fly-on-the-wall stuff about emergency meetings and late-night strategies and misread voters and the role of surrogates and political missteps and the push-pull inside closed-door council sessions and the impact of the oligarchy.

Ah, such fictionalized, political intrigue.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.


And the panic attacks that take place when a poll or two shows there is a quite real chance the ball park proposal just might go down in flames.

The embarrassment that might cause.

The heavy political price that surely will have to be paid.

The guffaws by some Big Chiefs in Big Town who eventually admit they spent hours yanking Small Town’s chains.

Because they knew they could.

Big Fun for them.

All fiction, of course.

Once upon a time. . .

Why, of course.

Think a writer with a runaway imagination could come up with a story that might be read?

Especially since things like this couldn’t possibly happen in the real world?

No way, right?

Since participants wouldn’t dare talk later, on or off the record.

And, in so doing, reveal what they purport to be the real story.

Now would they.

What fascinating stories could they possibly tell?

Why, what would they know?

All fictionalized, of course.

Does any of this catch your interest?

Your thoughts on fiction such as this, please.

In six words or fewer, please tell me what you think.

I won’t tell anybody.


Roger Summers is a journalist, an essayist, and the author of Heart Songs from a Washboard Road. Please click HERE to find his classic short story collection on Amazon.

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