Were they really kidnapped by UFO Aliens?

Barney and Betty Hill calmed to be abducted by space aliens known as Grays.

They were hypnotized separately and their stories matched. 

Recent UFO items in the news seem to make an argument for examining an old case file from the early 1960s.  A long cylindrical object flew into our solar system from another solar system, recently—it seemed to be an odd asteroid, but it zoomed by so fast there was not much time for inspection.  Some went so far as to suggest it was an alien probe.  Then, in another news story, video of a UFO seen by pilots in the South Pacific in 2004 is undergoing closer scrutiny.  Accounts that accompanied the video stated that there was a larger object with lights under the water.  At one point in their observations, the white oval UFO hovered over the bubbling water’s surface.

Though an alien probe disguised as an asteroid seems far-fetched indeed, earlier interviews with such brilliant people as Isaac Asimov have hinted that the most logical way for the people of our own Planet Earth to venture out into the cosmos, when our own resources run out here, would be to convert small asteroids into spaceships.  They could be hollowed out, or the recesses in their pock-marked surfaces could house people, resources and become bays for spaceships.

The University of Edinburgh initiated an Astrobiology department a few years ago.  Other universities from around the world followed suit. Astrobiology is an expanding field.  Something is afoot.

Long before James Earl Jones provided the voice-over for Darth Vader in Star Wars, he had an acting role as Barney Hill in the Made for TV Movie, The UFO Incident.  Estelle Parsons played Betty.  I have seen it many times and it always fascinates me.  There was a spate of UFO sightings in New Hampshire at the time—many people witnessed them.  Articles on the experiences of the Hills—who gave accounts of coming back from a trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire—indicate that it was Barney who first spotted the brilliantly-lit object.

In fact, the object followed their car for several miles on the lonely road.  It was clearly something that was not supposed to be there.  Barney got out and looked at it with binoculars.  As Betty remained in the car, she heard Barney ranting excited exclamations:  “This is unbelievable!”  He was frightened and tried to drive away from the area.

The most interesting thing was that Barney and Betty did not at first remember any of this 1961 event.  They had returned home from their trip and noticed that blocks of time were missing from their lives—several hours—and doctors advised that they see a specialist in Boston because they were being plagued by anxiety, nightmares, and vague imaginary events.  They decided to become hypnotized by professionals to see if they could learn what was causing havoc in their world.

They were hypnotized separately and their stories matched.  They related that had been captured by aliens near the strange object beside the road and had been taken aboard the ship where they were given scary and painful medical examinations.  They could not move—seemed to be frozen and at the mercy of the eleven or so aliens in the craft.  Their descriptions indicated that the aliens were those known as grays and they wore special space suits and billed caps.  When they were finally let go, as they drove away, their car vibrated violently and strange beeping noises seemed to be coming from the trunk.

Nay-sayers have always concluded that all Barney saw was Jupiter, which was going through a bright phase.  They also say that Betty was no stranger to weird events happening in her life—some used the term psychic witness to describe her.

Though they regained some semblance of normalcy to their lives, Barney died at the young age of 46.   Betty claimed to see other UFOs during her lifetime in a hot area of New Hampshire but was not kidnapped again.

An astronomer examined a star map that Betty drew from contact with aliens and the astronomer said that it seemed to resemble our sun, neighboring stars, and included areas a few light-years beyond the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Barney and Betty have been gone for some time, but their story still fascinates and as time goes on it seems even more believable.  Maybe they were some of the few people brave enough to come forward with an early close-encounter experience.  Check YouTube for some taped interviews of Betty Hill and see what you think.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Curious Indeed, a collection of true bizarre stories about the unknown and unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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