What did the Babushka Lady know about the day a President died?

No one has ever identified the Babushka Lady, seen in a tan coat and headscarf, photographing President John F. Kennedy the moment he was shot.

When there are photographs of a big mystery, the images always seem to be too blurry. 

The anniversary of the JFK Assassination has gone by again.  The memory always haunts me.  I had been a fourteen-year-old, a mere six miles from the horrid event.  The whole country was shell-shocked, and especially the people of Dallas and Tarrant Counties. 

The ball of worms that was unwinding revealed little overlapping dramas in these two counties.  The dramas were rife with too many coincidences.  After the shock began to lift odd incidents began happening.  Questions about every little aspect arose—they were put under microscopes.

I have written about The Girl on The Stairs and the book of the same title.  There are other characters that we cannot ignore, especially the man, or men, on the grassy knoll.  Then there was the man beneath the manhole cover. 

There are four more that crop up over and over again, in still shots and videos.  They are people that seem obviously suspicious:  The Badge Man, The Umbrella Man, The Three Tramps, and Babushka Lady.  More characters may be gleaned by better technology in the coming years.

Oh, they had audio of the actual assassination and this will get you if you didn’t already know.  Yes, it is old, it is scratchy, and sounds echo down the canyons between the skyscrapers in downtown Dallas, but there are more gunshot reports on some of the audio than anyone will admit there were a number of shots fired.

I have not dwelt too much on Babushka Lady in my angst over that eerie time in history, but she is a fascinating character.  She wore a three-cornered scarf tied under her chin in the fashion of a babushka or the Russian woman of the same name. 

What is most astonishing about Babushka Lady is that she was taking photographs of the assassination.  A camera can be seen poised in front of her eyes during several moments of the event.  Surely she got some good, and maybe some very important, shots of the actual assassination—or other activity in the background or on the sidelines.  If the photos did not turn out, she could have still been a good eyewitness. 

Over the years of re-hashing and publicity, Babushka Lady has never come forward.  She has never been identified.  How is that possible?  People have relatives and neighbors.  Did no one recognize her?  Did she not see published requests for her to step forward?

Perhaps she was one of the many people who died mysteriously, oh so mysteriously, in the year after the assassination—before all the questions about her arose in the general public.  If she did die, why has no acquaintance recognized her photograph in the ensuing years?

A woman who was seventeen at the time of the assassination claimed to be Babushka Lady in the early 1970s.  No one considered this seriously as the Babushka Lady in all of the photos was an older woman, maybe into her mid to late thirties. 

This woman, Beverly Oliver, told a journalist that she had filmed the JFK  Assassination with a Yashica Super 8.  She explained that she turned the film over to some FBI agents who promised to get it back to her in ten days.  They didn’t.  Also, that model of camera was not even produced until 1969.  

There is more to Olive’s tale.  She said she was a former burlesque dancer and claimed to know Jack Ruby.  In fact, Jack Ruby had introduced her to Lee Harvey Oswald, and when he did, he introduced Oswald as a member of the CIA.  However, her story over the years has been pretty well debunked. It simply had too many holes.

Whoever Babuska Lady was, she was photographed filming away in the Mary Muchmore film, in the Mark Bell film, and she is even in the Zapruder film.  All images of Babushka Lady are too blurry to reveal detailed facial characteristics.  When there are photographs of a big mystery, the images always seem to be too blurry.  Maybe it has something to do with physics, like the Fermi Paradox.

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