Daily Review: The Widow’s Son by Daniel Kemp

Kemp presents his reader with a murky, soiled, strangely exciting world of power and corruption.

Three months before the invasion of Iraq, a member of a Masonic fraternity known as the Rosicrucians escapes from a British Intelligence holding station.

Orchestrated by the head of the Russian Federal Security Service, this event is somehow linked to a highly classified CIA file only known as Gladio B. Tasked to destroy an unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, the chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee plans to bring the criminals to justice.

But he is running low on both time and allies, as mass annihilation threatens the whole planet. Who are the mysterious eight families that seem to be behind the mysterious events, and what do they have to do with the ancient 33rd degree level of understanding, only known by the mysterious Rosicrucian brotherhood?

Daniel Kemp

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The book The Widow’s Son was exciting and will keep you guessing about what will happen next.

The author put together a great storyline and characters to blend into the storyline to keep the reader on their toes threw-out the book.

I enjoyed reading The Widow’s Son, and I know you will too.

Amazon Review

By Billierosie

The Widow’s Son by Daniel Kemp is both an intriguing piece of writing and intriguing in terms of the genre of the political thriller. Daniel Kemp has created a tightly paced, engaging narrative presenting his reader with a murky, soiled, strangely exciting world of power and corruption.

This is a dark world of spies, lies, and deceivers, and from his newly created position as head of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, and with only one or two people he can trust, Daniel Kemp’s protagonist, Patrick West, realizes that he has a potential disaster on a worldwide scale; nothing short of a war on humanity, to circumvent.

And how is the narrator going to achieve this with deception on such an extensive scale?

Nothing is clear for him; why this promotion? Whom can he trust?

In a way, this book can be viewed through the lens of appearance and reality. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of this before. After all the book is subtitled “lies and their consequences.”

Whom can Patrick West believe?

Whom can the reader believe?

Daniel Kemp has given us an engaging narrator, but how reliable is he?

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