adCaleb and Linda Pirtle Services: Part 4


This week we will be reviewing the services that are included in the final and most comprehensive package, the Master Bundle, and I’m happy to answer any questions in the comment section below!


This package is designed for authors who want to blow the lid off of the glass ceiling in their career.

The Master Bundle includes: Rotating book ad for 12 months on reader relevant pages, Monthly ad and/or contest online, Once a month email to readers, Monthly newsletter & analytics, Monthly industry blog email, Like, Know, Trust email package (10), 4 book of the moment posts, VIP access to Caleb and Linda Pirtle blog archives, Created graphics for book of the moment posts, 2 book review requests, Author page on Caleb and Linda Pirtle, Professional industry contacts, 2 release day blasts, 7 day ad banner on Caleb and Linda Pirtle website, Thunderclap (or similar) campaign management, Creation & maintenance of LunchBox reads, Premium location of rotating ad space, Library sales integration, Exclusive beta testing, Priority access to Caleb and Linda Pirtle calendar & staff, and Event registration discount of 1 event per year.

I’m not going to review the items above that are also in the Starter, Distinguished, or Professional Bundles, you can click here for that information.


*Release day blasts

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will send out a special email to readers as well as post on social media outlets sharing the new release information of the author’s choice. This includes graphics, hashtags, keyword verbiage, and buy links.


*7 day ad banner on Caleb and Linda Pirtle website

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will design a banner for all pages of the website for a 7 day period in conjunction with author’s schedule of release. Banner will also include link to author’s choice of purchase site or email signup. This banner is the most exclusive ad space on the Caleb and Linda Pirtle website.


*Thunderclap (or similar) campaign management

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will handle a Thunderclap (or similar) campaign for up to 3 book releases. This includes the creation and management of the campaign from beginning to end with progress reports to author. These type of campaigns effectively reach 100,000 people minimum.

*Creation & maintenance of LunchBox reads

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will take the book of your choice and convert it into 20 visually dynamic emails to be delivered at lunch time to readers who opt in. All readers in the book’s genre and author’s list will receive an introductory email with the first excerpt. Each additional email will also contain other books in the series, social media information, and buy links. Residual sales has tested very high in our alpha campaigns. Caleb and Linda Pirtle will also run an ad campaign on the appropriate social media channel to create additional momentum for this tool.


*Library sales integration

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will assist author in placing appropriate information in front matter of their books (if necessary) to be eligible in listing their books to libraries including digital, print, and audio. Caleb and Linda Pirtle will pursue up to 4 titles per year for the author and maintain follow-up with libraries for sales and future sales.


*Exclusive beta testing

Join Caleb and Linda Pirtle exclusive beta testing group where you will automatically receive perks on future services Caleb and Linda Pirtle is looking to possibly offer. Caleb and Linda Pirtle tests everything on live clients, and a private group for only the Master Bundle members to share information with other authors on the same plan.


*Priority access to Caleb and Linda Pirtle calendar & staff

As a Master Bundle member, you will have priority access to scheduling all ads, reviews, etc. with the Caleb and Linda Pirtle staff as well as a personal contact who handles your account from A to Z.


*Event registration discount of 1 event per year

Caleb and Linda Pirtle will strive to hold 2+ events per year all over the country and possibly internationally. Your registration will be up to $900 off to attend (other expenses are the author’s responsibility). These events currently will be focused on industry related topics and intensive for author growth with qualified and excellent speakers. With attendance, you will also receive the video series of the event at no additional cost included in your membership.

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