Authors Showcase: All Things New by Felicia Mires


The Book: All Things New

The Author: Felicia Mires

The Story: What happens when a Jew marries Hitler’s niece?

When his Jewish family flees from Germany, Jacob Cohen loses everything, his farm, his homeland, and his wife, Hitler’s niece. Now, he’s living for revenge. Somehow, he’ll make Hitler pay for Geli’s death. Jacob leaves his son with relatives in England and joins the Resistance in France. Along the way, he has an encounter with God that changes his perspective. He still wants to stop the Nazis, but he’s learned that love brings more redemption than revenge.

Chloe Fabius and her family do nothing to attract the wrath of advancing Nazis through their small French town, but that doesn’t matter. Chloe’s brother is killed as an example for the town, and Chloe is made the Nazi commandant’s mistress, a hostage to keep the townspeople subservient. If Chloe can find a way to kill every last German, she will.

When Jacob arrives in her town to carry out a mission for the Resistance, Chloe has no idea that this German spy holds the means of her salvation. Can she forgive the fact that he’s a man and German as well? Can love truly make All Things New?

All Things New is a Christian romantic suspense novel set in the WWII era.

About Felicia Mires:

Felicia Mires
Felicia Mires

Felicia Mires began her writing career years ago when she became bored with what she found available in the Christian Fiction market. Hoping to entertain herself and provide inspiration to other Christians, she wrote her first novel, Diamonds are for Eden.

Since that time, she has written more than twenty Christian novels (all with a bit of romance), even becoming a finalist in the ACFW competition. Along the way, she has judged multiple writing contests, edited scores of books for other writers, and discovered a wealth of fascinating Christian fiction.

But, God did not create man, or woman, for books alone. Thankfully, there is relationship. Felicia has been married for over twenty-five years to Gene Mires, from whom she gains a plethora of hilarious and creative ideas. Felicia and Gene have three incredible children and three dogs who think they’re children. Ahh, the drama…and unending plot ideas.

Review by Aamos:

What a beautiful story.

WWII is not a genre I like to read, but because of the author and knowing how much I enjoy her books, I gave this one a chance. It took me about two chapters to be engrossed with this story. I loved this tale of redemption and grace. Many people feel that because of what they have done in their past makes them unloveable and unwanted. God has shown over and over He wants us and Mrs. Mires put that message in the story of Jacob and Chloe.

I believe this story shows the true nature of some of the things that occurred during this time of war, due to that I would recommend this book to mature readers, even though it is a clean Christian read.

Review by Julie Wakolbinger:

This was a beautiful story about how good prevails over evil every time. A great love story that is centered around their love for each other but most of all their unconditional love for God.

It is a very quick read, that you can NOT put down!!!! I highly recommend this book if you are looking for good love story and along with some suspense.

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