Authors Showcase: bitter love and ghosts

The Book: The Silver Locket

The Author: Marie Fostino

51ib9XYftWL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: When Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet, her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy, love, death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen.

People would stop Jenny and ask if the child she was with was her sister. “No this is my child.” Yet the looks she got hurt her. She was 16 years old when her life changed forever. Despite being raised in a Christian home with strict religious values, some of her choices were careless, and they came with weighty consequences.

A strange combination of sadness and joy overcome her when she turns back the clock. Names and faces float through her mind like ghosts that still haunted her but as always, a smile forms on her face and she remembers only love.

Review by RK: If you are looking for a quick, intriguing, light romance novel then look no further. The Silver Locket by Marie Fostino is truly moving and inspired by a true story. Marie’s daughter was sixteen when she got pregnant. It was a big shocker to find out that her daughter was having sex and getting pregnant at the same time, but the baby was nonetheless welcomed into the family with a lot of love.

The characters in The Silver Locket are all fictional and a product of Marie’s imagination, but the story seems so real it is sure to stir up emotions. Jennifer is scared into flashbacks when her daughter doesn’t come straight home from school one day. She remembers her adolescence, her first love Jacy and her pregnancy. Jenny was sixteen when she got pregnant; she was not very mature yet, but had no shame in admitting that Janie was her daughter and not her younger sister.

From laughs to little sad moments, there are definitely different events that every reader can relate to. This book appeals greatly to a teenage audience, but can be enjoyed by anyone interested in the theme of teenage pregnancy or having to grow up fast because of life’s surprises.

It has received great reviews, and you too can now buy the book on in a kindle edition. At the very low price it’s available for, it is worth every bit of it. It is emotional, very heartfelt and inspiring throughout. I hope you enjoy it!

On the note of teen pregnancy, I would like to encourage everyone to visit a website dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy. Here you will find great advice and different fun activities related to safe sex practice and relationships. Motherhood indeed is precious, but living out your adolescence is important as well.

Review by Pinky Pollock: Another wonderful heartfelt story by Marie Fostino.

The Silver Locket is about Jennifer who, after her daughter Janie is late home from school, is propelled back to her own adolescence as she remembers her life growing up.

Jennifer and her family have to move when her dad gets a new job. As the story develops we share her pain at being torn from her friends, as well as her joy when she finally meets her first love Jacy. We stand by and watch as Jacy teaches her so many things in life, some good and some not so good, and ultimately feel her pain when her most joyous day also becomes her most painful.

You will laugh and cry as you read The Silver Locket but it will also make you think, that it could quite easily be a story that could happen to anyone of us.

The Book: Secrets of Ghosts

The Author: Mardi Orlando

51XQfz3ivIL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-52,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: A Secret Society. An Abandoned Church. And a Shadow.

Brought together by their mysterious gifts, seven teenagers have been stranded in an icy wasteland by their Secret Society. In an abandoned church they find a gathering of ghosted orphans, trapped for over one hundred years.

To free these ghosts they will need to discover each of their identities, and to do that, this group of misfits will need to face the secrets that have haunted their own lives.

It is the only way they will source their gifts. It is the only way they will survive. It is the only way they will escape the Shadow.

And time is running out.

A haunting fantasy, Secrets of Ghosts will intrigue those of us who like to seek amongst the shadows.

Review by Cinta Garcia Rosa: This book has been quite an interesting read. It got me hooked from the beginning. A story of ghosts and mysteries that will keep you reading from beginning to end. Even though at the beginning it may seem a bit messy, since it keeps on going from the present time to the past, via some newspaper clippings and articles, once you get to know the different characters and what is going on, it is very easy to follow.

A group of teenagers from different parts of the world are recruited by a secret society. When they discover that the place where they have left abandoned is haunted by a group of ghosts, they must face their own realities and lives to try to help this ghosted kids. All these teenagers have been chosen because they have some kind of gift or ability, like the ability to heal, the ability to read minds, the ability to control fire, or the ability to hear the statics from the ghosted ones.

By helping the ghosts, the teenagers will help themselves too, since they start to understand things about their own lives in a better way, confronting their fears and accepting their fates. The development of the characters is very good, although sometimes they look a bit stereotypical.

The plot is a great one, and the author did an amazing job linking both the present time and the time when the World Wars took place. We go back and forwards in time in this book, but the transitions are smooth and you don’t get lost too much. However, sometimes I felt the newspaper accounts should be shorter, since they weren’t adding to the story.

If you like ghost stories with a twist and a bit of history, this is the book for you.

Review by Franz: This book defies categorization. Is it Paranormal – certainly, YA Fantasy – most definitely, Mystery – again, yes? It is all of these, but so much more. In Secrets of Ghosts, Mardi Orlando has developed a tale that touches the heart. This book goes far beyond well-developed characters, intriguing plot, and unique formatting.

This is the tale of a group of damaged teens struggling with powers and concepts that would tax the strongest and most self-assured of us. This motley group must overcome their troubled pasts while facing their internal fears and learning to understand and coordinate with each other.

Mardi Orlando’s superb prose breathes life into her characters while unfolding the story’s mysteries like the peeling of an onion. With the deft hands of a master, the author reveals enough to keep interest peaked without frustrating the reader. Fortunately, she has left the way open for a sequel.

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