Authors Showcase: Dynamite by J. E. Fishman


The Book: Dynamite

The Author: J. E. Fishman

The Story: Although it correctly calls itself “concise,” DYNAMITE is in fact the most comprehensive history ever written about the oldest, busiest and most sophisticated bomb squad in the world. For more than a hundred years, NYPD bomb techs have combated explosive-related violence and threats, often risking (and sometimes losing) their own lives in the process. 

The NYPD Bomb Squad traces its origins to the famous — if short-lived — Italian Squad, which successfully defeated Black Hand extortionists who terrorized Italian immigrants living in New York at the turn of the last century. Its story goes on to include the first large-vehicle bomb on American soil (targeting J.P. Morgan), anarchist bombings, plots by German saboteurs during World War I, the famed Black Tom explosion, the bombing of the 1939 World’s Fair, crimes of the so-called Mad Bomber, IEDs placed by Croatian and Palestinian terrorists, the relentless terror campaign of the FALN, anti-abortion bombings, the first World Trade Center bombing, and the attempted car bombing of Times Square by Islamic radicals. 

Beginning in an era of horse-drawn carriages and ending in the Jet Age, DYNAMITE tells the colorful, informative, sometimes macabre, and always heroic story of this elite group of New York’s Finest. 

About J. E. Fishman:

J. E. Fishman
J. E. Fishman

J.E. Fishman is the Amazon-bestselling author of three critically acclaimed novels: the science thriller PRIMACY, the wisecracking mystery CADAVER BLUES: A Phuoc Goldberg Fiasco, and the financial thriller THE DARK POOL.

His police thrillers under the heading Bomb Squad NYC are the first series based upon the heroism of the NYPD Bomb Squad, the nation’s oldest, busiest and most technologically sophisticated unit of its kind. With technical advice provided by NYPD Bomb Squad Commander Lt. Mark Torre, the series begins with A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS, followed by DEATH MARCH, THE LONG BLACK HAND, BLAST FROM THE PAST, and BOTTLE ROCKET.

A former Doubleday editor, Fishman also occasionally blogs for The Nervous Breakdown and the Huffington Post. He divides his time between Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

Review by James Dalessandro: It’s unfortunate that no one has reviewed this wonderful as of yet. It’s a meticulously written, thoroughly researched examination of the world’s first Bomb Squad, that of the NYPD – easily one of the most nerve racking and harrowing assignments that any human being can undertake.

It traces the Squad’s roots from the most important and influential detective in NYPD, and American history – Joseph Petrosino, who waged a 26 year battle to try to stamp out the Mafia in New York. I’ve found far too many books like this to rely on erroneous history that is picked up and repeated, and equally as often rendered by a clumsy writer who does disservice to an interesting story.

Not so with Fishman: he’s as fine a writer as he is a researcher, and though this may present itself like a specialized read, anyone with an interest in police procedurals should find it compelling. Bravo.

Review by Amazon Customer: Recently I’ve purchased all Mr. Fishman’s writings including Dynamite through With my background in law enforcement, I thought the concept of bomb squad history was non existent in book form, until J. E. Fishman’s well written and researched Kindle Book came out.

I’m pleased with the result and wish him luck and look forward to his Bomb Squad NYC book series.

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