Authors Showcase features the thrillers of Patrick Linder and Roy Baldwin.

The Book: Ghost Song

The Author: Patrick Linder

Cover Comp (1)The Story: Seattle Detective Marcus Brace is falling apart, both professionally and personally. Before he can put his own demons to rest, a brutal homicide and an unusual summons from family long-forgotten force. Marcus to confront everything he’s been running from and consider how the past continues to haunt our present.

With the killer targeting those closest to him, Marcus is on a journey to not only find a murderer but also solve a family mystery that was hidden for decades.

About the Author: Patrick Linder was born in Wichita, KS and moved to the Seattle area in 1997. Awarded a Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Study, he earned his PhD in American Literature (with honors) from the University of Washington in 2005. Also an avid runner,

Patrick has completed several marathons and likes to run the forest trails with his dog (Baxter the Vizsla). Patrick lives with his two children in Snoqualmie, WA. He is currently at work on the follow-up to Ghost Music, again featuring Seattle Detective Marcus Brace.

Early praise: Ghost Music was awarded Third Place for Unpublished Fiction by the Public Safety Writers Association and has garnered praise from several authors. Novelist Janet Greger labels Linder’s novel “a five-star book,” and author Holli Castillo adds: “Linder is a master at storytelling, weaving a tale of intrigue and suspense that will keep readers up all night … Add that to the fast-paced plot and the climactic surprise ending, and Ghost Music should be at the top of your must-read list.” Ghost Music is available in both paperback and Kindle eBook format.

The Book: Rhapsody of Fate

The Author: Roy Baldwin

Rhapsody of Fate Cover ImageThe Story: A fun holiday in Rome beckons for scientist and Cassini CEO Lauren Hind to forget the recent nuclear debacle in Sicily. Looking forward to a new relationship with Philippe, her Chairman, her business and personal life should at last become rosy and settled. One revelation changes everything, discovering her lost adopted daughter, Charlotte and new family. But will this upheaval be a force for good or an uncontrollable disruption in her life?

She must find out, confront the mistakes and reconcile her feelings and admit who she really loves. But unexpectedly, in China, the marital happiness she had sought and won is violently disrupted leading to unwanted challenges and distractions. She is forced to seriously question Amélie, her best friend, who she had always understood and trusted.

Something oddly sinister unfolds leading to a set of coincidences and finally a kidnapping which even her worst nightmares couldn’t have predicted. Never before have her technical skills and resourcefulness been tested so much. Could there be a man even more evil than Luis, capable of lacerating her emotions and loyalties at a stroke? And why does she have to travel to the Arctic to find out? Many may die, the dice is thrown and she must finally make the ultimate choice and decide one way or the other.

But which way does she turn? And who really loves her enough to pull her away from the deadly consequences?

About the Author: Roy Baldwin was born in south Lancashire and has lived and worked around the UK in various mathematical and scientific guises as an educationalist, night club owner, civil servant, musician, house conservator and management consultant. Rhapsody of Fate, a science themed thriller-romance novel, is his third book and he is currently busy with researching and writing Rhapsody of Succession, the fourth sequel in the Rhapsody series.

He is now a full time writer and women’s fiction publisher, and regularly commentates on the book and publishing industry generally through Twitter. Other books in the Rhapsody series are Rhapsody of Restraint, his debut novel and the first Rhapsody novel, followed by Rhapsody of Power. In between writing and digital publishing, he also tries to enjoy the fabulous beauty of the Norfolk countryside and seashore where he now lives. Rhapsody novels can be bought in eBook and print versions from Amazon and other good online bookstores worldwide.

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  • Caleb Pirtle

    Two great thrillers by authors who have figured out the art of writing well.

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