Authors Showcase: From Woodstock to Eternity by John Cooper

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The Book: From Woodstock to Eternity

The Author: John Cooper

The Story: From Woodstock To Eternity begins inside the cockpit of a pot plane over the Bahamas, on its way to an air drop in Florida. From here, it follows Dustin Morgan on a journey through the hippie era that weaves pot smuggling, pop culture, and spiritual struggles into a tale that is exciting and inspirational.

It is in a genre that I call Christian Action/ Adventure, because it tells a story about coming out of the lifestyle of Woodstock and into Eternity.

A strange feeling washes over Captain Morgan as his Piper Navajo touches down after a successful pot run.  Even though his heart is racing with adrenaline and the thrill of unbridled freedom, another voice is keeping him from fully relishing the moment.  He wants to relive the adventures of the pioneers and rum runners of days gone by, but his life has become more than a simple journey of a modern-day pirate.

John Cooper
John Cooper

The course that brought Dustin Morgan to this point is a meandering trail through a very colorful time in history.  As he traveled this road, he hung out with beatniks in Georgetown, fought with rednecks in the country, went to Woodstock, and drove weed from Arizona.  This was a path that also led him to discover true character and love in a woman.

But there is a new journey on the horizon, one that Captain Morgan is unaware of.  It will transport him into a new world that is now beckoning to him from another realm.  The problem is, he doesn’t want to leave his old world behind.  Will he heed its call?  Will he attain his destiny?  Or is there another, more sinister force, lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike?  All this and more awaits the reader in this enthralling adventure of a man whose very existence hangs on the threshold of a life-changing revelation.

At 140,000 words, this book closes with a cliff hanger ending that begs for a sequel, and I am in the beginning stages of writing it.

As a classic Baby Boomer and veteran of Woodstock, I am personally acquainted with the historical events depicted in this book.  I have been a contributing author to the local newspaper, The Paris News, for many years, writing and editing articles.  This is my first full length novel.

About John Cooper:

John Cooper is a musician, songwriter and author. As an author, he has been a regular contributor to The Paris News for many years, and has just completed his full length novel, From Woodstock To Eternity.

He was born in 1951 and grew up in the days of black and white TV, hippies and the Vietnam War. He went to Woodstock and became a part of a growing hip culture that spawned a burgeoning marijuana empire.

In From Woodstock To Eternity, he chronicles the rise and fall of the hippie culture, the drama of drug dealing, and the consequences that arise from that lifestyle. His travels took him to Paris, Texas, where he was introduced to the message of the Gospel. Through a dramatic Christian transformation, he was able to forsake his old ways and enjoy the blessings of a victorious life. He now resides in Paris, Texas, with his wife, Lisa, where they have raised seven amazing children.

Review by Ernie:

So, back in the 60’s and 70’s before states (4 plus DC now) started legalizing marijuana (and allowing it to be baked in updated versions of Alice’s brownies), and presidents (at least the last three) started smoking it, how did this stuff get from Columbia to Blacksburg, a sleepy college town in southwest VA, or any college town, or every town, and every city for that matter?

This book provides a riveting answer to this question! And it is not as sinister as some might imagine. Yes, there are moral and ethical considerations, and they are addressed in the book. But at the time the trip most likely involved someone you knew in high school, or the guy that sat next to you in English Literature class in college, or that friend of yours who was an engineering graduate student.

So make some time to read this book. There is a lot to be learned, and you will enjoy it. And if you have any stuff left from the 60’s don’t stash it in this book… unless of course you happen to live in one of those states (or DC) mentioned above.

Review by Amazon Customer:

There is only one possible way this man could have lived through all of this and come out of it mentally stable, emotionally balanced, and spiritually whole. This is the power of God. I promise, you will not regret reading this book!

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