Authors Showcase: Fur Ball Fever by Maureen Fisher


The Book: Fur Ball Fever

The Author: Maureen Fisher

The Story: An impulsive pet spa owner who loses her client’s prize pooch …

After a lifetime of impetuous mistakes, Jersey Shore pet spa owner Grace Donnelly outdoes herself when a client’s prize poodle, a shoo-in to win the annual Fur Ball, goes AWOL while in her custody. With money, careers, and lives in jeopardy, Grace is not afraid to strap on the leather to go undercover in a fetish club looking for clues. Too bad her helpers consist of an aging hippie aunt, a renegade schnauzer, a drag queen, and a dominatrix or two. Worst of all, the only man truly qualified to help is her former flame, the most domineering male on the eastern seaboard.

A smokin’ hot bodyguard with his own agenda …

Texas-born security specialist Nick Jackson faces his worst nightmare when Grace’s amateur investigation nearly blows his covert operation. Unless he nails the con-artist who scammed his home-town’s seniors and whacked a witness, his homicidal granddaddy will take justice into his own liver-spotted hands. To salvage his case, his sanity, and his ex-lover’s velvety skin, Nick joins forces with the sassy crusader who rubs him the wrong way–and so many right ways too.

Together, they weather an explosion of murder, mayhem, and mystery …

Action bounces from the upscale Shore community of Saltwater Estates to a beach harboring washed-up corpses, a fancy yacht no honest preacher could possibly afford, and the bawdiest nightclub in Atlantic City. Hazards multiply like bunnies, culminating in fun, danger, romance … and a Fur Ball extravaganza the locals will never forget.

About Maureen Fisher:

Maureen Fisher
Maureen Fisher

I write sassy romance novels containing a slice of adventure and enough steamy sex to drive those who dare read them racing for a cold shower. Nothing makes me happier than taking readers into another world, a world full of romance, adventure, humor, fun, and excitement.

Born in Scotland, I emigrated to Canada at the tender age of seven. Years later as a University of Toronto graduate, I convinced the federal government to hire a Fine Arts specialist as a computer programmer. After three years of bits, bytes, and dumps (probably not what you’re thinking), I graduated again, this time to full-time homemaker and mom, raising two wonderful sons. Plunging back into the business world, my second husband and I started a management consulting company. This marriage survived because my husband and I pledged never to work on the same project again. Ever.

After a century in the consulting world, I grew weary of wearing snappy power suits, squeezing into panty hose, and fighting rush hour traffic. I made a life-changing decision. I wanted to write books. Not dry, boring, technical treatises, but fresh, funny romantic suspense novels. How hard could it be? Thousands of authors did it every year.

Always an over-achiever, I quit my day job, attended a one-week seminar on writing a novel, read a couple of how-to books, joined the Ottawa chapter of RWA, and plunged right in. Learning can be a humbling experience, but I persevered. I slaved. I revised. I learned. After twenty-five rejections, countless workshops, six-re-writes, and two first-prize wins, my efforts finally paid off with the sale of my first book.

My husband and I live in Ottawa where I volunteer for an addiction family program, play bridge, bicycle, hike, square dance, read (naturally), and slave over my computer to improve my writing skills.

Review by Maggie:

I laughed out loud and so will you! This romantic comedy has a hero I adore. I love the way he talks and he looks like one of those men on the underwear boxes.

I understood his reluctance to fall under the spell of this sassy heroine, who dares do anything, with or without him, which leads them into perilous waters. Perhaps this is not the place to confess my water fetish, but Nick looks great wet! Five stars all the way!

Review by Cheryl Green:

Grace Donnelly needs help from former boyfriend Nick Jackson. He is the security director of Saltwater Estates and she needs to look at the surveillance tape from last night. It is a matter of life and death. Miss Coco Chanel is missing… not the fashion icon, but the winner of last year’s Fur Ball. Miss Coco is a poodle that Grace is watching while her 90 year old owner is visiting her brother. Grace has only 6 days to find the dog before the next Fur Ball. It also seems that the second and third place dogs are missing too. Nick tells Grace to forget about it and not bother Milt at the security kiosk either.

Of course Grace does as she pleases. With the help of her pot smoking Auntie Beth, they devise a plan to watch the footage from the night before. That involves having Milt eat Auntie Beth’s “special brownies”. Hiding a large sleeping man still has me in stitches. Grace better be very careful or she could end up deep in dog poo.

Things to ponder: Will Nick get proof of the wrong doings of Reverend Oliver Hathaway? Will the dogs be found? When will Nick and Grace realize they are perfect together?

What a fun read. It is laugh out loud funny. The author has created a wacky cast of characters that are woven through the plot and keep you turning those pages. There are plenty of suspects to keep you trying to figure out whodunit. I hope the author is busy plotting and writing the next book. I can’t wait to see what Grace will get up to next. So if you like your mystery with some cute pooches, then you should be reading Fur Ball Fever.


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  • Maureen Fisher

    Thanks for featuring FUR BALL FEVER on Authors Showcase today. I appreciate the support.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Maureen, we appreciate a good laugh-along mystery.

      • My mother always told my I’d inherited my grandfather’s sense of humor. I like to thing that’s a good thing.

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