Author’s Showcase: Masters of Suspense

The Book: Purchased Power

The Author: Dennis Sheehan

The Story: John Moore is a successful and brilliant yacht designer, living the good life outside of San Francisco. Life seems perfect when, without warning, he discovers his wife is being unfaithful and is plotting to take over his business.

Moore quickly devises a plan to save his business and leave her for good. He soon finds himself in a world he did not know existed – a world of global political corruption and intrigue.

Purchased Power is a story of human weakness, greed, and good people whose errors in judgment have put their lives on perilous paths.

Follow Moore on an epic journey to some of the most exotic countries in the world as he tries desperately to save a good woman from the clutches of the corrupt.

One reviewer has pointed out that the book is an intriguing inside look at the corrupt leaders who helped China gain important missile technology during the 1990s. The real story made headlines, but Sheehan takes you inside the corrupt deals, the cynicism of power, and even the death of Ron Brown, the Secretary of Commerce during the Clinton administration. The historical background to this story makes it an unnerving and juicy read. It’s hard to put down.

Another reviewer wrote: “It’s a taut, tense thriller filled with espionage, intrigue, and engaging characters that will keep you turning the pages. Think of it as a more intelligent Tom Clancy novel with a level of detail that could only be crafted by someone who really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

The Book: A Brother’s Love

The Author: Sandy Wolters

The Story: FBI Special Agent Pilar Campos lives and works in a man’s
world. She loves her job because the only interaction she has with people is
pointing her gun at them and arresting them. She’s a hard case with a hot temper
and is not above breaking bones if someone disagrees with her. Needless to say,
she doesn’t have many friends. She enjoys the fact that she inspires fear in
her coworkers.

Pilar and her partner, Rick, have been executing surveillance on the Snowflake
Militia Group for two years. Everything was going just fine with the
twenty-seven million dollar operation until she was forced to shoot and kill
Thorne Baker, the brother of Boone Baker, the self proclaimed leader of the
militia group. Her life would never be the same.

Boone Baker initiated a one million dollar contract on Pilar’s life and will
go to any length to avenge his brother’s death. Deputy Director Greg Olsen
knows that he has to get his best agent into protective custody, but he also
knows that she won’t go even if he orders her to. She’ll stay and fight to the
end. The only reasonable action he can take is to hatch a plan to have her
tucked away at a ranch in Northern Arizona owned by Amos Thomas, a man that
dislikes people with as much if not more fervor than Pilar.

Away from the city, Pilar’s life is transformed. She finds peace at the ranch
that she had never felt before. She has a special bond with the animals that
transfix even the most seasoned ranch hands. She learns to open herself to
the people at the ranch and develops close bonds with them. She falls in love
with Amos, who wants no part of a relationship.

Unfortunately for Amos, Pilar
knows how he thinks. He is, after all, just like her and that makes his actions
predictable. Pilar knows just how to handle him.

Unable to locate the woman that killed his brother, Boone Baker goes to extreme
measures to draw her out in the open. In one fell swoop, he plans to destroy her
life as she knows it. Will she be strong enough to continue on, or will he get
his wish and kill her?

Wrote one reviewer: A Brother’s Love “has it all – brotherly love, friendship, romance, and an exciting storyline! What more can you ask for in a good book?”

The Book: Survival

The Author: Roger D. Grubbs

The Story: What better way to ignite a romance than being on a tropical island? For a young man of seventeen, this would be a dream come true under normal circumstances. But, these conditions are far from normal.

Todd Barrington, a poor, shy lad, has been unable to speak with the one who has caught his eye, Crystal Blake, a girl totally out of his league. Not only is she the prettiest girl in school, she is smart and wealthy to boot.

But, she also has a secret, and no one must find out. Because of a strange turn of events, these two top students have been chosen to compete for a full four-year scholarship at the prestigious Cambridge University. In order to do so, they must travel to England.

For Todd the cost of such a trip is a deal breaker, but just days before the deadline, a mysterious benefactor turns up. Now the trip is on, and the two are destined to be together on what is to become a fatal crash on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.

The pilots are dead, the plane is in shreds, and only one resourceful young man is able to emerge from the debris. The only other passenger is found lying on the water soaked ground, her head partially covered in mud, strapped to her seat.

Certain that Crystal is dead, Todd cried out above the raging storm. No one could possibly imagine the loneliness of such a tragic experience. But, he must act quickly for it suddenly becomes a matter of Survival.

One reviewer pointed out, “This book actually brought tears to my eyes. I would recommend this book to anybody because it is very touching, and it makes you realize that some things shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

And another review wrote: “I would like to start by say the novel “Survival” was one of the most interesting and intriguing novel I have read in a while. While most people would say it sounds like a story that has already been written, I say there is nothing else like it.”

  • Thanks Caleb for including my novel “Survival” in your selection. I consider it an honor from a celebrity like you. These kind comments from an author that has written over 57 books, screenplays, movies, and has been associated with stars like Kenny Rogers are humbling. I also appreciate your comments about my writing style emulating British authors. I will always value our association. Your friend, Roger Grubbs/Author

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