Authors Showcase: One Unicorn Wish by Judith Victoria Douglas

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The Book: One Unicorn Wish

The Author: Judith Victoria Douglas

The Story: Recovering from a tragic accident Madison found recalling her past was the answer. When she was ten it was a magical time when she was given a chance by her grannie to have one wish come true…for a little while. She found Evernow, a realm between time and no time where only those who die with a pure heart can go. But she was invited. There Madison discovered her true heritage, the power in a silver necklace, why there is no longer any magic in the world and how evil can come to even the perfect places, but still be defeated with the help of a child.

But everyone has to grow up, even if the perfect life they experienced has to be left behind. Let Madison tell you of her adventure during the summer when she was ten and you, too, might become a believer in magic once again.

Madison’s memory reveals a fantastic world she entered to rescue her Grampy and return a necklace to the rightful owner. But ill intent found this sanctuary created for all magical creatures. Its good light can burn evil, so protection is conjured from the lost essence of the purest of creatures – unicorns. And an elf prince is held captive as ransom for the object of real power the realm was illegally entered to recover. Only Mafidon can enter the lair to free the prince, but she has a lot of help and protection, and it is they who are in most danger.

About Judith Victoria Douglas:

With makeup yuckJudith resides in East Texas on a few quiet acres with her German Shepherd, Belle. She completed a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and is a lifetime member of Psi Chi, National Honor Society for Psychology.  She had previous experience with the Department of the Army as a civilian in several capacities and with County Adult Probation before teaching upper level University psychology classes at a Univeristy, while working full time. Her longest tenure was as a case manager for public assistance programs with her latest position as a quality assurance monitor of those programs. She’s also worked with at-risk youth and women recovering from substance abuse problems.

Judith’s hobby for many years was training horses and riders. She’s experienced crosses many disciplines. Her students did very well, but she finally put her riding aside when her last horse was put down at the age of 27 years after sharing twenty-three years together.

Coming from a background of talented writers, she’s the first to pursue it professionally.  Having written poetry all her life, often putting great works in gift cards and never seeing them again, she pursued her other secret wish — to write. College professors encouraged her to write, but psychology books were flooding the market at the time and she was more interested in writing fiction.

Being self-published, even designing her own covers, she had produced many books, both novels, short stories, and children’s books.

There are many others in the works, but working alone and with little support, takes time and a great deal of effort. She is presently taking a long break from her work.

Review by Theresa F: Madison Woodruff experienced a tragic fall, that left her suffering from memory loss. She is now being cared for by one Doctor David Montrose, a very handsome man and a caring nurse Allison. One thing that Madison always remembers is her adventures in “Evernow”, which is a place between Madison’s world and no time. When Madison was 10, she was visiting her grannies, one of her favorite places to be Here is where she finds a hollowed out tree where she can see special animals. For good luck, grannie gave her a special necklace with tiny little unicorn. She gave it to Madison for good luck and so she could make one wish on it ! ! She was told to never take it off, unless it is given to the rightful owner.

Madison begins her adventure, by her side stands a beautiful white horse “Spirit.” As she travels thru Evernow she discovers grannie and gramps may have traveled to this same magical world. She soon finds herself on a journey one that is magical but becomes dark . . . . she needs to free her elevn grandfather before time runs out.

This story was just so magical! Its full of fairies, elves, wizards, unicorns and yes witches ! My favorite was Nyree, the owl, this was Madisons familiar. The story was well written and very colorful ! It had the perfect fairy tale ending !

Review by Linda: Reading One Unicorn Wish, I was immediately reminded of C.S.Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, and not just because each work features a majestic lion! In this marvelous novel, Ms. Douglas has created a truly magical world, peopled by an endearing protagonist and all sorts of other intriguing creatures.

It is the story of a young woman, Madison, who is injured when she takes a fall off her beloved horse, Spirit. Her memory of the present is impaired, so she retreats into a remembered past – a past when, as a girl of ten, she is granted ‘one unicorn wish’ and ventures into a magical realm called Evernow. Of course, once there, she is given a task to complete – a task that becomes dark and dangerous.

To be sure, there will be tears at the end, and you will find yourself, as I did, wishing this story could go on forever. Truly, this is a wonderful read for any who love magical fantasy worlds peopled by fairies, unicorns, talking lions and other mystical creatures. Ms. Douglas’ writing is crisp, clear, and very imaginative. I highly recommend this novel for readers of all ages.

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