Authors Showcase: The Radio Murders by Kelly Marshall

the radio murders

The Book: The Radio Murders

The Author: Kelly Marshall

The Story: In the calm, dead air, the lonely listeners waited for what the late night radio host would play next. They rode on every word she spoke, every song she played, luring the police in for the fools that they were.

Her victims of the night fell into her trance. “Jasmine James,” she said with her lust-filled voice. The two who had been running the streets were mesmerized by her song and prepared themselves for her number one hit.

About Kelly Marshall:

Kelly Marshall
Kelly Marshall

As a child, Kelly Marshall always thought she would communicate in the world as a writer and someday pen a great novel. But life took a left turn and instead, Kelly ended up at broadcasting school.

She spent the next thirty years spinning records, interviewing people, doing love song dedications and having a ball at radio stations in Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington.

After thirty years, she walked away from the microphone and decided to do what she had always wanted to do . . . write. Kelly lives in the Pacific Northwest with her grandson, Dawson.

Review by Mary Firman, author of Deadly Pleasures:

This is an intriguing story of obsession, kidnapping, murder, and love. The Love Songs Murders will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. Several gruesome murders in the Seattle area are being investigated by homicide detective, Nick Winston, and his partner, Pat Strom. When Nick called Pat to wake her up to inform her of the dead body in Bellevue, he could tell from her voice she was in bed with someone.

But who? And was it a man or a woman? If asked, Nick would “bet the farm it’s a broad.” One peculiarity at the scene of each murder was the same radio station, KLOV, was tuned in to the radio. Coincidence? On his way back to Seattle Nick listened to KLOV, featuring Seattle’s much beloved, DJ, Jasmine James. When the call came in she was having trouble with an overzealous fan, he immediately heads for the station.

After meeting the luscious Jasmine, Nick is overwhelmed with her beauty, her talent and yes, her fabulous body. The author, Ms. Marshall, is not shy when writing her sex scenes and gives explicit and exciting descriptions. Her grasp of the characters and their defects is complete. Her weaving of the love songs into the story is nothing short of brilliant.

This is a tightly written book that keeps moving to the very end and I highly recommend it.

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