Authors Showcase: Revenge: Manhunt in Paris by Noel Hynd


The Book: Revenge: Manhunt in Paris

The Author: Noel Hynd

The Story: US Air Force Lt. Richard Silva’s hell on earth begins in the fall of 1970 when his plane is shot down over North Vietnam. Silva is captured and taken to a POW camp where he is turned over to a shadowy interrogator who specializes in the systematic torture of American prisoners. Miraculously, Silva survives and returns to the US.

He finds an America that is profoundly different from the country he left. But America isn’t the only thing that has changed. Silva’s mind has been horribly altered. For him there is only one way out: Find the man who tortured him. Find him and kill him. With only a few clues to his enemy’s true identity, Silva embarks on a manhunt.

Silva quickly penetrates a shadowy underworld of politicians, criminals and intelligence agents in New York, Washington and ultimately in Paris. In France, he further burrows into a nether world of professional killers, political extremists, cops and assassins. Along the way, he finds romance with a beautiful young artist and rediscovers his own humanity, all the while drawing closer to the man he must murder in order to redeem his own soul.

This is a 2013 revised version of a novel originally published under the title “REVENGE” to rave reviews in 1976.

About Noel Hynd:

Noel Hynd
Noel Hynd

Noel Hynd is an American author who has more than five million books in print. Most of his books have been in the action-espionage-suspense genre (Flowers From Berlin, Truman’s Spy, Murder in Miami, Hostage in Havana, Conspiracy in Kiev, Midnight in Madrid, Countdown in Cairo, The Enemy Within) but others (Ghosts, The Prodigy, A Room For The Dead and Cemetery of Angels) were highly acclaimed ghost stories. He currently has a multi-book publishing contract with Zondervan/HarperCollins.

He is also a former contributor to Sports Illustrated and several other national magazines. His 1988 non-fiction book, The Giants of The Polo Grounds, was an Editor’s Choice of The New York TIMES Review of Books in 1988. He has also written several produced screenplays.

Mr. Hynd was born in New York City, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylavnia, and lives in southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego with his wife Patricia.

Praise for Revenge: Manhunt in Paris:

“A notch above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world….” Booklist 

“Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington’s agencies both public and private.” Publishers Weekly 

“A Tense Bloody trail to a grim climax!” – Liverpool Daily Post 

“‘Revenge is….an Intricate spine chiller….Bloody good!” – NY Times 

“Ingenious and fast paced without a wasted word.” – Chicago Tribune 

“A Powerful Book!” – The Scotsman 

“Entertaining and absorbing!” – Birmingham Evening Mail 

“Invites Comparison with ‘The Day of The Jackel’ – Boston Herald

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  • Noel Hynd

    Many thanks for featuring ‘Revenge’. This was my first novel many years ago, but it has continued to sell strongly for decades.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Noel: Good writing and a good story has no shelf life. It’s as good today as it was then.

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