Authors Showcase: Saving Peace by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

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The Book: Saving Peace

The Author: Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

The Story: You go to college to meet your bridesmaids,” or so the saying goes in North Carolina, on the campus of the all female Peace College. But what happens when the friends you thought you were making for life, betray you?

The same ones you’d be in the retirement home with aren’t speaking not ten years later? The ups and downs of women’s friendships are tested in SAVING PEACE. Thirty years intervene in the friendships begun at the all female Peace College.

Sib, the local news anchor with dreams of going national. Mary Beth, the capable, restless mother of three. Kim, the college president who admits male students.

SAVING PEACE is the story of promises made and broken, love found then lost, and redemption sought for the past. Three women. Two choices. One campus.

What if there’s nothing worth saving?

About Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar:

rajakumar-mohana-webMohanalakshmi Rajakumar is a South Asian American who has lived in Qatar since 2005. Moving to the Arabian Desert was fortuitous in many ways since this is where she met her husband, had two sons, and became a writer.  She has since published eight e-books, including a momoir for first time mothers, Mommy But Still Me; a guide for aspiring writers, So You Want to Sell a Million Copies; a short story collection, Coloured and Other Stories; and a novel about women’s friendships, Saving Peace.

Her coming of age novel, An Unlikely Goddess, won the SheWrites New Novelist competition in 2011.

Her recent books have focused on various aspects of life in Qatar. From Dunes to Dior, named as a Best Indie book in 2013, is a collection of essays related to her experiences as a female South Asian American living in the Arabian Gulf. Love Comes Later was the winner of the Best Indie Book Award for Romance in 2013 and is a literary romance set in Qatar and London. The Dohmestics is an inside look into compound life, the day-to-day dynamics between housemaids and their employers.

After she joined the e-book revolution, Mohana dreams in plotlines. Learn more about her work on her website at or follow her latest on Twitter: @moha_doha.

Review by Kimberly Jeans:

Saving Peace is a heartfelt novel that thoroughly captures the feeling of what it means to be a Peace sister and what it is to have a connection to the legacy of Peace College.

Based upon the events leading up to and following the announcement that the women’s college would be going co-ed, Ms. Phongsavan has taken a subject filled with such great emotion and given it its own story. She has crafted a story full of passion and tension.
Review by A. Chambers:

Sib, Mary Beth, and Kim each battle their own demons as they struggle to find their places in the world at large. Sib and Kim are both fighting huge self-esteem issues but take vastly different paths in their search for fulfillment. Mary Beth’s life takes her in yet a third direction, but she too wonders if this is all life holds for her.

The books spans 30 years by showing us snapshots of life approximately every ten years. It was an interesting way to tell the story and get to know the women and their families. In fact, I would say that this book is about four women, because Sib’s daughter Mae is prominent in the story as well.

Any book that can make me care about the characters is a good one. I felt the most sympathy for Kim and Mae. I identified with Mary Beth. And I just didn’t like Sib very much. I’m not sure this can be called a book about friendship. Rather it’s a story of relationships and how every decision we make affects those around us.

Review by Suzie Welker:

I do not know whether to laugh, cry or throw my Kindle because of how this book ended.

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