Authors Showcase: The Jacks of Her Heart by Virginia McCullough

The Jacks of Her Heart-final-Author Approved

The Book: The Jacks of Her Heart

The Author: Virginia McCullough

The Story: Lorna Lindstrom and Jack Young just got married in the tropics—and their grownup kids don’t like it one bit…

Now the newlyweds feel like a couple of fools. Surely ending their impulsive “cruise ship” marriage is the best solution. Lorna’s two kids and Jack’s daughter sure think so. But their meddling backfires, prompting Jack and Lorna to rethink their plan. Don’t they deserve a happy ending, after all?

A professional organizer, Lorna is a little too proud of her spotless home. She fell in love with Jack’s generous heart, but must he rescue every abandoned dog in town? Jack owns a popular, laidback nostalgia café, with menu items named for ‘60s and ‘70s songs. He feels right at home in Lorna’s bedroom, but he might as well be a stranger everywhere else in her perfect house.

In a matter of days, Lorna puts her organizing skills to work to help Jack’s elderly father, while Jack takes on a new rescue mission, this one involving Lorna’s daughter. But even as their lives become more enmeshed, this “opposites attract” duo can’t quite get in sync. Is it time to admit defeat and go their separate ways? Or can they find a way to make peace with their dueling quirks and have some fun with their second-chance romance?

This is a contemporary romance in which ‘opposites attract’ when the owner of a local nostalgic music cafe and rescuer of stray dogs falls for a professional organizer. Will this second chance romance survive the resistance of their adult children and their own personal quirks?

Review by L. McCullough-Delorme:

Virginia McCullough
Virginia McCullough

The characters are memorable and real. Hal is a favorite despite his curmudgeonly self. In my opinion, Jack’s love of dogs and his commitment to fostering rescues makes him the sexiest romance novel hero ever! Ha!

Lorna (the heroine) and I had some words during my read, but I came around on her in the long run and was indignant when it became clear her business savvy and her knack for preparation was so under appreciated at various points. I think many women will relate.

There is real conflict, romance and love in this book. Sex is present, but not super steamy. It’s a good read and without giving anything away, I was enthralled by Bridget’s closet. In fact, her closet needs its own book!  The names borrowed from songs on Jack’s 60’s themed cafe menu (Nights in White Satin for the marshmallow topped chocolate ice cream sundae) are fun too.

Review by Light:

I’ve read several of McCullough’s books and have to say this one is by far the sweetest. Spontaneous love acted upon, then put to the test through their outer worlds of family, friends, and work, and through their inner worlds of two strong, passionate individuals who suddenly discover they’re head over heels in love but barely know each other.

As always, McCullough excels through her characters. They’re so real I forget I’m reading a book. Instead, I feel like I’m living these lives right along with the characters. Jack and Lorna, Molly and Vickie, even Goldi the dog. Real, flawed, loving, and lucky enough to have the Both Sides Now Café close at hand.

This book is another McCullough success, and you will love it.

Review by Broadswords65:

Join newlyweds Lorna and Jack as they discover just who they married! They may have tied the knot quickly, but with time (and plenty of twists and turns) they show everyone—from kids and parents to neighbors and friends—that love comes to those who, well, don’t wait!

And how refreshing that McCullough masterfully creates suspense and intrigue without a hint of violence, a sure sign of a talented storyteller.

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