Authors Showcase: Virginia’s Diary by Suzanne Peyton


The Book: Virginia’s Diary

The Author: Suzanne Peyton

The Publisher: White Bird

The Story: What would you do if you went to bed tonight and had a dream that changed your life and your family’s history forever?

January 3, 1958 — An old woman, who had been wrongly committed into a mental hospital, took her own life. I found out later that woman was my great-grandmother, Virginia Avery.

January 3, 1999 — I had a dream that causes me to challenge every story my mother was ever told about Virginia, who supposedly abandoned her children in 1904.

As the lies began to unravel, my journey led me to New Orleans, and what I found, rocked me to my core.

About Suzanne Peyton:

Suzanne Peyton
Suzanne Peyton

Suzanne Peyton was raised in East Texas and has loved the written word from an early age. She spent many years in the accounting field before having the dream that allowed her to tell her story. She gives God all the glory for opening the doors for her to not only tell this story in book form, but to also have the opportunity to bring this amazing story to the big screen.

She is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of five. She makes her home in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she is currently working on her next book.

Review by Sharon Candler:

This is a true story that is written in such detail that you immediately feel as if you are watching the story evolve in person!! I promise this book will hold your attention from the start to the finish!!!

You can feel the tension when the author is talking about her current circumstance. You can experience the excitement as she uncovers the past story of her Great Grandmother who she never met!

Review by Kristie Morgan:

Speechless…..Aunt Suzanne I am very proud of you. We are a family of strong willed women. The book is GREAT. I can’t wait to see the movie. I am very lucky that I was able to put a mental picture in my head as I read of the real women on this journey.

I was born in Texas and was moved to Louisiana at a very young age. What a coincidence that I am only 1 hour away from NOLA. I was able to take the journey to Lafayette Cemetery and the childhood home of Virginias.

Thank you for bringing the story of my great great grandmother into my life. The love of books and writing runs in the family….. A MUST READ FOR THOSE SEEKING FAITH, LOVE, AND FAMILY…

Review by B. Holder:

Suzanne’s quiet life turns to chaos, after cries from beyond the grave invade her dreams, begging for truth to be revealed. Her search for the truth leads to a part of her family’s past she’d never known existed.

What she uncovers  in Virginia’s diary is a haunting tale of pain, death, love, hate, betrayal,  and self-loathing, that death could not silence. It’s about beauty and power of life, every minute of it, and how little we appreciate it until it’s too late.

In the words of Mark Twain ~ “Truth is stranger than fiction, because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”


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