Claude Nougat

Born in Brussels, brought up on three continents (Europe, Africa, America), Claude Nougat is a Columbia University graduate (economics). In her busy working life, she followed in Jack London’s footsteps and dabbled at a wide variety jobs from banking to publishing, journalism, marketing and teaching until she started working for the United Nations (FAO). She stayed there 25 years, ending her career as Director for Europe and Central Asia.
Now happily retired, she dedicates herself to her two lifelong passions, writing and painting. Her writing includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. So far she has published two books in Italian and seven books in English (one non-fiction in Italy and 6 fiction all on Amazon). Her poetry is included in a poetry anthology edited by Oscar Sparrow (published by Gallo Romano, UK, December 2012, available on Amazon).

In November 2012, Claude Nougat started a group on Goodreads to discuss a new, fast growing genre: Boomer Lit. It was an instant success and grew to some 300 members in just 4 months. In January 2013, the Group read A HOOK IN THE SKY and found it to be “quintessential boomer lit”.

Curious about Boomer Lit? Visit the Goodreads Group, link: The Group also has a related Facebook Page at and follow on Twitter @boomerlit

Boomer lit is focused on “coming of aging” just as YA lit is focused on “coming of age.” Both span a wide range of sub-genres from comedy to tragedy to thrillers and more. And both owe their success to the 78 million Baby Boomers in the US alone, more if your consider overseas markets. YA Lit gained prominence in the 1960s/70s when boomers left behind their teen years and entered adulthood; now it is the turn of Boomer lit as baby boomers are entering the third stage in their life, retiring at the rate of 10,000/day and have to face the challenge of aging gracefully and filling their remaining years with rewarding activities that give an added dimension to their lives.

Claude lives in Italy with her Sicilian husband.


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