FC Etier

There has always been a creative side to FC Etier. For years, he was recognized as one of the top artist/photographers in the South, and then he turned his attention to writing, publishing The Tourist Killer. His blogs are seen regularly across the country, and FC Etier is presently developing the VG Serial of his second book, The Presidents Club. Both are being produced in association with Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

In his first novel, FCEtier delves into the mindset of a masters candidate and the events that take the student on a career path to the top of a lonely profession. We meet “The Shooter” as a mission is about to conclude and quickly become acquainted with a conflicted individual seeking resolution to inner conflicts as a phenomenal career enters its twilight years. Then another assignment comes up almost immediately.

How does an individual become a target? Who makes the life-ending decision? The cast includes potential victims, security staffs, and several eccentric characters including an aging hippie who speaks only in song lyrics and a former FBI agent with diverse interests. The role of Julian F. Thibaut, the enigmatic billionaire member of the one percent of the one percenters, changes with the winds and adds doubt to the already unstable status quo.

As the action proceeds on several fronts, the shooter battles conscience, hired killers, and burn-out while juggling relationships and attempts at normalcy. In this fast-paced story with political overtones, FCEtier takes readers on a thrilling ride while addressing personal, business, and governmental ethics.

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TITLES by FC Etier

  • The Tourist Killer
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