Book Review: Blessed Mayhem by Sue Coletta

Blessed Mayhem is a riveting suspense thriller that moves at breakneck speed.

Sue Coletta lives on the dark side. Well, maybe she doesn’t, but her characters certainly do. In Blessed Mayhem, she tactfully creates one of the most intriguing and suspenseful duels in modern literature.

Shawnee Daniels is never the woman she wants you to believe she is.

By day, Shawnee is a respected hacker for the police department.

Got something to hide?

Don’t bury it in a computer.

You can’t bury it deep enough.

Shawnee will find it.

The police would be lost without her.

Sue Coletta

By night, however, Shawnee takes on another life.

She’s a cat burglar.

Sometimes it’s about the money.

Sometimes it’s about revenge.

Got something expensive?

She’ll find it.

Shawnee is as secretive and stealthy as a ghost in the night.

If she’s the hero, who’s the villain?

Enter Mister Mayhem.

He’s well-spoken and sophisticated.

He’s well-dressed and a gentleman.

He’s genteel.

He’s genius.

He cares for three pet crows: Edgar, Allan, and Poe.

He kills women for pleasure.

Mister Mayhem may well be the most chilling, most evil serial killer you will ever meet.

Pray you don’t meet him alone.

Or in the dark.

Just take a look when Shawnee Daniels, cat burglar, stumbles across him for the first time.


And in the dark.

He’s holding a knife and smiling.

Shawnee will die.

Maybe not tonight, but he knows he will kill her.

She is watching him as he says quietly: “Why is everyone in such a rush? Life is precious. You should appreciate the fact that I’m willing to take my time. Color me curious, but you intrigue me, with your tough girl routine, the makeup, the hair, even the nose piercing.” Each time he sloughed off a shrug, blood boiled in my veins” I suppose some might find it attractive.”

That’s chapter one.

And the game has begun.

Blessed Mayhem is a riveting suspense thriller that moves at breakneck speed, but you witness each tantalizing, frightening move as if the story is taking place in slow motion. You can taste the fear. You can feel your own skin crawl. The evil in the room and in the story is palpable.

You are torn in your decisions.

You want to escape it all, but you can’t bear to leave until it’s over.

And the nightmares may ever end.

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  • Thanks for the awesome review, Caleb!!!

    • Caleb Pirtle

      If I want to go to sleep expecting a nightmare, Sue, all I have to do is read one of your thrillers. You grab the readers and pull them into the story and each scene of the story. It’s a rare talent.

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