Book Reviews: Second Time Around and Dragons of Jade



IN THE MIDST of a world turned upside down by chaos, confusion, and fear, it is immensely satisfying to find a love story that’s so real it seems as though Dolly’s story is a part of your own.

In Second Time Around, Gay Ingram has captured the essence of a woman who is forced to confront a series of problems and responsibilities she never anticipated. Her own life is out of control, and yet she is expected to step forward and take control of the lives of others.

Her husband has died.

His company is now in her hands.

Her best friend has been killed in a horrible downtown fire.

And now Dolly is thrust into the role of motherhood.

Her friend haa a teenage daughter, Amanda.

Amanda is bitter about the sudden change in her existence.

She feels alone.

She becomes rebellious.

Can Dolly settle her down?

Can Dolly raise her as the daughter she never had?

Can Dolly find a life of her own?

One love has come and gone.

Can a new love ever come her way?

A stranger she meets, quite by accident, suddenly rips her emotions apart.

She thinks she remembers him.

But does she?

Is he really the man she fell in love with so many years ago?

But wait.

That’s not possible.

Her first love is dead.

Or has his life been a lie?

Has their past finally caught up with them?

Gay Ingram makes sure you ride an unpredictable and emotional roller coaster as she places you in Dolly’s shoes and throws you into the middle of a drama that can’t possibly have a happy ending.

Or does it?


JEAN LAUZIER, as much as anyone I have ever read, understands the nuances that make stories of fantasy work.

She makes them believable.

Jean has chosen to write about dragons.

She loves dragons.

And dragons have formed the heart and soul of many great fantasy stories.

But here is the difference.

Jean Lauzier doesn’t create cartoon images.

Her dragons aren’t stereotyped.

They’re real.

She prefers to show them as the intelligent, personable, and honorable creatures they could have been. In her mind, that’s exactly what they were.

At least, these are the dragons she hopes would have occupied her world if she had lived in the time of Jade Delaney.

Jade has an uncertain past.

Who is she?

Jade doesn’t know.

Where did she come from?

Jade has no idea.

What’s past is past and what’s present doesn’t bother or concern her.

Jade has her eyes set firmly on the future.

But her life abruptly begins to change in ways she could have never imagined.

Blame the dragons. They take her back home to the place where she belongs. It’s not a safe place to be.

Jade’s whole life has been a concoction of dreams and visions.

But what were they about?

She will soon find out.

For so long, and without her ever knowing it, Jade has been the hunted, the target of someone who has been killing the dragons and trying to kill her.

She must stop him before he destroys her.

More importantly, she must stop him before he slays the dragons.

In the end, they must all rescue each other or perish.

Jean Lauzier’s heart-warming tale is filled with love and compassion and suspense that, at times, threaten to overwhelm you. She is writing a sequel. The next novel can’t come soon enough.

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  • Two genres I would not have previously considered.
    Your reviews have made me think twice.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Thanks, Chip. In finding good books to review, I find that I am forever stepping out of my comfort zone as far as genres are concerned. It’s amazing the nuggets you find when you look where you’ve never read before.

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