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Ainsworth’s characters come to life as we share their love and joy mixed with hatred and sorrow in a compelling saga told in only the way Jim Ainsworth can tell it.

They gather around a big table in the back of Prigmore’s General Store and Café in downtown Riverby several times a week most weeks. There are six of them, five men and one woman. There may have been more or less in the past. There are no programs or speakers. Those outside The Circle wonder what they talk about, but they don’t ask. The only requirement for membership is to have been deeply hurt or to have caused serious hurt to others.

Tee Jessup is not a member of The Circle, but he qualifies. He spends a lot of time on the porch of a dilapidated farm house on a hill, feeling sorry for himself over the loss of his parents, his brother and his wife. He dreams of taking revenge on the man responsible for his wife’s death, but he can’t take the vengeance he craves because he has a young son.

Just down the hill from Tee’s home sits a long-abandoned shack. Decades earlier, it was used as a shelter for itinerant cotton pickers during harvest season. Clayton Dupree stayed in the picker shack when he was a boy. Now he has secretly returned to write his songs, paint his pictures, play his guitar, record everything that happens around him, and nurse a bullet wound.

Jim H. Ainsworth

About Jim H. Ainsworth:

Jim H. Ainsworth is an award-winning author of eight novels, two story collections, one memoir, and many newspaper, magazine and blog articles and stories.

A former CPA, CFP, CLU and stockbroker, he authored four business books, qualified for the Registry of Financial Planning Practitioners, was twice named one of the most influential accountants in America, and is a Distinguished Alumnus of East Texas State University.

A former team roper and owner of a western wear and tack store, Jim led a covered wagon and horseback trip across Texas. He enjoys hearing from readers. Contact him at his website or

Review by William Thompson:

Ainsworth hits another home run with Circle of Hurt. Picking up where his previous novel ended, we find Tee Jessup and son Jubal adapting to life in quiet Riverby, Texas, a sleepy little down on the verge of an unimaginable nightmare.

Ainsworth’s characters come to life as we share their love and joy mixed with hatred and sorrow in a compelling saga told in only the way Jim Ainsworth can tell it. Bravo!

Review by Amazon Customer:

With this book, Ainsworth, in my opinion, has made it as a complete writer/author. Once I got into the Circle of Hurt, I was there, I mean really there, with Tee, Jubal, Blaze, and all the other characters – every step of the way.

I strongly felt the emotions that Ainsworth embodied into each character. For some reason I even shed tears on page 344 when Cutt, Tee’s Father-in-law & Jubal’s Granddad, was introduced into the story. The tears were on and off for the remainder of the book.

Guess I especially related to Cutt. A cliche obviously, but I did not want to put this book down and subsequently finished it in five bedtime readings. By far the best of Ainsworths books and certainly in the league with the best writers. Anxious for his next book