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Author C. Hope Clark beautifully captures the essence of Edisto Island. It is a magical place hidden on the shores of South Carolina.

Murder came in with the tide . . .

Edisto Island is a paradise where people escape from the mainstream world. Yet for newly sworn-in Edisto Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan, the trouble has just begun . . .

When a rookie officer drowns in a freak crash in the marsh, Callie’s instincts tell her it wasn’t an accident. As suspects and clues mount, Callie’s outlandish mother complicates the investigation, and Callie’s long-time friendship with Officer Mike Seabrook takes a turn toward something new–but is shadowed by the unsolved mystery of his wife’s death. Everyone’s past rises to the surface, entangling with death that cuts to the bone.

The roar of the surf made Callie’s steps soundless, her thoughts louder. Two and a half weeks on the job, and she’d lost an officer. Edisto hadn’t sacrificed an officer in its entire history, and the first female chief had to be the one to break the record.

She sniffled. Salty breezes began to clear her sinuses, but nothing could assuage the guilt clinging to her like the muggy air

Sarah lived. Francis died. And somebody had to be disappointed at that freakish turn of events, because she suspected it was meant to be the other way around. Crime was for people who lived across the big bridge on the mainland. But whether the natives liked it or not, the brake lines were cut on Edisto. She didn’t want to go down that path, but one of them might be a frustrated, unfulfilled killer.

C. Hope Clark is the award-winning author of the Carolina Slade Mysteries and now the Edisto Island Mysteries. During her career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, she met and married a federal agent–now a private investigator. She plots murder mysteries at their lakeside home in South Carolina when not visiting Edisto Beach. Visit Hope at

Review by K Powell:

C. Hope Clark has done it again with the release of Echoes of Edisto. The book is the third in the Callie Morgan Edisto Island series. If you haven’t read the other two books, I would go back and read them as Echoes of Edisto answers a lot of those lingering questions with a lot of twists and turns you won’t see coming!

The book starts with Callie taking the job as Chief of Police in the small, beachside town of Edisto. What should be a cushy job, ends up being more challenging than her days as a detective on the Boston police force.

Her on again, off again love interest, Mike (former acting police chief) keeps pulling a disappearing act when she needs him the most. The book explores Mike’s past and Callie’s past. When the past collides with the present, it is with a bang!

C. Hope Clark writes suspenseful mysteries that are very good. I highly recommend all her books!

Review by PoKoCat:

Echoes of Edisto is the third book in the The Edisto Island Mysteries series by author C. Hope Clark. I love this series. Author Clark beautifully captures the essence of Edisto Island. It is a magical place hidden on the shores of South Carolina.

Echoes of Edisto begins just after the last book, Edisto Jinx, lets off. Callie is now the Police Chief of Edisto Island. The book opens with the death of one of her officers. Not the best way to start her new position. In fact it is quite devastating. As is the fact that somehow her mother may involved. And her dead father’s mistress..whose brakes were tampered with. This accident caused her officer Francis’s death. Who is this reporter who is intent on destroying Callie’s mother’s political career? And what is going on with Officer Mike Seabrook. Do they have a future together?

Callie is still struggling with her demons…past and present. Alcohol is her escape. Her son Jeb and her love Mike Seabrook are both looking out for her and encouraging her to find solace without the bottle. There are lots of twists and turns in this story. It is hard to put down.

Good mystery. It took me quite a while to figure out what was going on. Never assume anything about anyone in this tale!

Great read! Highly recommend Echoes of Edisto and the entire Edisto Island Mystery series. I’m already looking forward to what is going to happen to Callie next as she settles into life on Edisto.


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