Featured: The 13th Hour by Brigitta Moon

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He had it all, both money and power. But someone knows his darkest secrets. What do they want?

Family is not always blood and blood is not always family. People are not who you believe them to be.

Life has been good to Mayor Harden, the mayor of Marston – money and power – until someone else who knows his darkest secret wants a piece of his action.

The choice is simple, money or family. Which will Mayor Harden choose?

Will he choose money and let his niece show up on his doorstep one body part at a time, or will he choose family and purchase his own burial arrangements?

Only time will tell.

About Brigitta Moon:

She says, “Storytelling is what I do. No matter how long it takes, I will spend the time to weave a story that will hook you in the beginning and twist you at the end.”

Brigitta Moon is a native Marylander born April 5th. She has been an avid reader of a variety of genres since high school. After high school, she went on to a Baltimore community college where she studied nursing. She went on to continue her studies in nursing and business at The College of Notre Dame of Maryland where she obtained her BSN.

Working many hours on the night shift presented many opportunities for delving into a drama, a thriller or a saga. Now with a cup of tea or maybe even a wine cooler, she finds curling up with a good read is a relaxing way to spend a cold winter evening, a brisk spring day or even a warm summer morning.

Reading is a source of entertainment for her; a way to get away from a drab or stressful day. Reading presents a way for her to indulge herself in a story that may take her to another land or a funny or thrilling situation or even a romance she has secretly coveted.

The reasons she writes is to entertain and sweep readers off to a romance, drama or saga typed on the pages between the covers of a book when they need it most. She says television isn’t always entertaining, especially late at night when reruns are playing for the 100th time.

That’s how her writing career began. Tired of the show on the tube which she had seen for the umpteenth time, she decided to put pen to paper and write her own version of a story. This was the beginning of her writing adventure