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In the midst of a tumultuous event and raging Civil War, their plans go terribly awry.

So begins the final journey that unravels an enthralling mystery and turns the course of history and those rapt within it upside-down.

The year is 1863. Newlywed Jane Peterson-Hopkins is head over heels in love with her handsome Confederate Army Major. When duty calls, she abandons decorum and travels by Matt’s side to carry her extraordinary facts about the future to the famous General Robert E. Lee.

In the midst of a tumultuous event and raging Civil War, their plans go terribly awry.

At great risk and hit hard by tragedy, Sophie Downing’s escape from the Salva Society plunges her deep into the dangerous ploy of an unknown enemy.

She is stunned to learn her real destiny lies in the life of another.

Heartbroken and disease-ridden, an ancient mystical key returns Bryce McKenzie to 2013. Because of dramatic revelations and unfathomable change, he grows more convinced of his deep-seated connection to Jane.

Are their lives forever entwined?

Barbara Best

Meet the Author:

Barbara Best began her career as a copywriter and artist with over twenty-five years in the fields of Marketing and Graphic Design. Beginning in 2014, she took her love of writing to new heights with her debut novel, The Lincoln Penny.

In the following years and as her loyal readers asked for more, The Lover’s Eye, Book 2 and The Celtic Key, Book 3 were released in her riveting time travel trilogy.

Barbara’s novels reveal her genuine passion for history and innate ability to blend authentic detail with imaginative speculation.

Living history, firsthand, she is an avid American Civil War reenactor whose need to bring the past to life eventually formed the backdrop for her absorbing and heartwarming tales.

She lives in Florida.

Review by Robin Aronson:

I was so glad to finally get to read Book 3 and see how it all turned out.

Ms. Best just keeps getting better as a writer.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three books and am sad to see the series come to an end. Very interesting twists and turns in this book!