Featured: The Cove Hotel by Darren Barker

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Darren Barker serves up a blood-soaked nightmare in the most innocuous of settings.

“I’m Emma Cummings and I’m a librarian.”

Emma likes books and films, good food and uninterrupted sleep. She has treated herself, booking into a luxurious small family run hotel by the sea, isolated and exclusive.

She’s tired and stressed and has promised herself a complete break from the demands of her job, her colleagues and her dysfunctional family.

She’s after peace and tranquillity, a chance to indulge in great books, great food, and great weather. The hotel is all she hoped for, spotless, comfortable and with a spectacular sea view from her room.

The food doesn’t disappoint either, but almost from the start, her fellow guests irritate her by refusing to leave her alone, despite her obvious preference for her own company.

Irritation soon grows into anger, and after a misunderstanding with the noisy libidinous swingers in the next room, Emma really loses her cool.

Although she finally deals with the lecherous pair and retreats back to her sanctuary, she finds that she has to become progressively more ingenious to achieve the peace and quiet that she craves.

There’s no romance on this holiday.

Once again, Darren Barker serves up a blood-soaked nightmare in the most innocuous of settings.

In turns horrific, hideous and hilarious, this is an ideal book for the holiday-loving horror fan. Just don’t let anyone interrupt your reading.

From Darren Barker:

No one knows quite where Darren Barker was born, or how.  It was probably dark, and it was almost certainly stormy.   Something certainly kickstarted his dark originality.

He embraced normality for long enough to marry, but things took a rough turn.  His mother was dying from cancer, at the same time as his daughter was born prematurely, and his wife was put into an induced coma.  Wife and daughter both survived, but that trauma incubated the seeds of darkness that had already been sown in his twisted mind.

It was sitting by his unconscious wife’s hospital bed night after night that he first got the idea for Watching Twenty Four Seven, which swirled up out of the darkness and onto the page. When Debbi came home from the hospital, he started writing the book that was straining at the edges of his perception.

Darren, though, is not remotely like his books.  He is not dark, violent, macabre or frightening, and yet his books aren’t kind, smiley or remotely huggable.  While he enjoys some of the quieter moments between the business and bustle of his everyday life, he delves into the dark and grim corners of his psyche to drag those stories kicking and screaming from the depths and into the light.

For a man who lives a normal-seeming life with a loving wife and daughter in a quiet corner of Suffolk, he can dredge up macabre, surreal and horrifying ideas from the depths of places where a normal mind should never roam by itself.

Putting it all on paper might be the only thing that prevents him from heading out on a murderous rampage.  He prefers not to be noticed, lurking in the shadows and observing, rather than partaking of the madness.

The madness must all be on the inside.