Featured: Horror by Cathbad: Novellas and Shorts from Cathbad Maponus

Featured: Horror by Cathbad: Novellas and Shorts from Cathbad Maponus Purchase:
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Splatter-worthy fun for a dark night’s read.

A collection of recent horror stories by Cathbad Maponus. 3 Novellas,1 Short Story, and 7 Flash Fiction Stories.

Cathbad brings you bloody murderers, monsters, dream invaders and more.

Get ready for some ghoulish reading – and don’t forget to leave the light on!

About Cathbad Maponus:

With an Associates degree in Literature, Cathbad has published several short stories, the novel Flight of the Elves and its companion, The Shen (Elven) Language Guide.

Also in the series, “Stories of the Elves of Kali”, Volumes I and II.

Also Darganau: Autobiography of Dragon. Look for Book 2, Darganau: War and Pieces, in late June/early July.

Review by Stephen Hunt:

Horror by Cathbad is a collection from an author whose work I’ve enjoyed before. Here, you’ll find a trio of novellas, and a bunch of short stories – some of which are super short, not even a page long.

That said, the book doesn’t skimp for length on the whole, with the stand-out stories being the novellas, Killing Dreams and Axe.

Killing Dreams is the pick of the bunch, and it starts out the collection, telling the story of a detective trying to track down the supernatural killer of a series of criminal lowlifes. It’s gruesome, it’s messy, and it’s gleefully fun. The identity of the killer – and the resolution – are nicely done too, with surprises in the outcome from Cathbad.

Axe is more straightforward, a blood-filled chopfest as an axe-wielding killer makes their way through a host of unsavory characters.

This is splatter-worthy fun for a dark night’s read.