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The story starts with the kidnapping of the pope, but the story unravels the secret powers controlling the world

Pope Gregoire XVII was last seen waving to the crowd at Saint Peter’s square from the famous Apostolic Palace window. Despite several layers of tight security, neither the Gendarmerie nor The Entity (the Vatican’s secret service) or the Swiss Guards claim to know anything about his sudden mysterious disappearance.

As the world mourns for the pope, a frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know more than they are telling.

Ayden Tanner, a former British SAS commando officer — who is officially dead — is dispatched with two other crew members to find the Supreme Pontiff by The League of Invisible Knights, a covert division of Anonymous that aims to bring about the triumph of good over evil.

A secret arrangement is made for Ayden to meet Rafael Rabolini, the Papacy’s press secretary, in Geneva, who might be able to tell him more. But trouble unexpectedly starts from the moment Ayden arrives in the city that winter day…

The story unfolds to reveal an insidious plot by Willem Van Der Haas, a ruthless Dutch senator who has aligned himself with a world power bent on its own global ambitions.

In a gasping chase that races from the snowy mountains of Switzerland to the secret passages under Saint Peter’s Basilica to the hilly terrains of Istanbul to the harsh desert air of Egypt, Ayden and his crew are forced to match wits with lethal assassins as they struggle on a desperate quest to prevent a terrifying tomorrow.

A tumult of intrigue, action, and suspense

Khaled Talib

Meet the Author:

Khaled Talib is a former magazine journalist with local and international exposure. He has authored three thrillers since 2014, some which have been translated into Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The author’s works have been praised by New York Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds, NY Times bestselling author Ruth Harris, USA Today bestselling author Jon Land, NY Times bestselling author Keith Thomson, K.J. Howe, and Jon McGoran.

His debut thriller, Smokescreen, was listed as one of the six “boundary-breaking indies” in 2016 by the IndieReader. His second novel, Incognito, won the Silver Award for the AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest 2017. Gun Kiss is his third novel.

Khaled is a member of the International Thriller Writers.

Khaled points out, “Incognito was inspired after a cold dreary night in a Swiss motel where I encountered a mentally challenged woman dressed in black. She stood frozen staring at me in a quiet foyer and reminded me so much of Damien Thorn’s nanny that I created a character in the novel and called her “Satan’s Nanny.

“Later, while snow trekking in Saint Moritz, I met another Swiss woman who fed me with invective political charges about the Vatican that gave the ingredients for the plot of my story.

Indeed, traveling opens the mind. I hope you enjoy the read.

Learn more about the author at http://www.khaledtalibthriller.com.

Review by Book Lover:

Exciting, thrilling…Mediterranean James Bond-like action.

Talib’s writing is sharp and colourful. Amidst the action-packed chapters, he pauses to reveal the cultural nuances of characters and locations.

The story starts with the kidnapping of the pope, but the story unravels the secret powers controlling the world.