Featured: The Jaystone Inscription by Jeff Russell

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He knows he triggered the madness and realizes he is the only one who can end it. 

It bulged from a ledge in the quarry wall like a giant eye peering through sleepy granite lids. Jason Broadwell stared back, convinced that – whatever it was – it didn’t belong there.

He seeks advice but is edged out of his home and livelihood by a government intent on keeping his discovery a secret.

Angered by the betrayal, he strikes back and is forced into hiding. When the situation escalates out of control, a billion-year-old mystery captures the attention of the world.

Tensions flare and radicals respond with tragic consequences, both across the globe and close to home.

Alone, hungry, and sheltering in the wild with winter fast approaching, Jason concludes that he, as the person who triggered the madness, is the only one who can end it.

With few allies, little money, and a U.S. Marshall closing in, he sets out on that quest knowing the bitter price he’ll pay if he succeeds.

From Jeff Russell:

I am a tale-spinner.

My childhood heroes were Jules Verne and Victor Appleton II, architects of fantastic adventures. Hemingway stepped in when I discovered that the trials and triumphs of real people – those with limited physical and financial resources – were even more intriguing than science fiction.

Today I try to follow that example with my own characters. They are the ‘you and me’ of the world, ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, beaten down perhaps and yet determined to succeed.

Invariably they find adventure, romance, and self-fulfillment, as should we all.

When not absorbed in the pages of some new author or hammering away at my latest manuscript I can be found living and running in Stowe, Vermont.

To learn more visit my website at http://www.CabsLantern.com.