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A collection of short stories filled with murder, betrayal, love, and greed, but most of all, suspense.

Leftovers is a collection of short stories that are totally unrelated to each other. A couple are short-shorts while others are just merely short.

Enjoy a little bit of everything – murder, blackmail, embezzlement, excitement, action, betrayal, and of course, love.

So lose yourself for a while in a fun, quick, easy to read an assortment of stories that will make you forget your troubles … at least for a little while.

Joe Congel


Meet Joe Congel:

Joe Congel grew up in Syracuse, New York, and currently lives in beautiful Charlotte, North, Carolina.

He got his first break in the world of publishing when he illustrated the humorous book, Housetraining Your VCR, A Help Manual for Humans, published by Grapevine Publications back in the early ’90s.

A few years after Housetraining set the world on fire, Joe decided that he was better suited as a writer rather than as an artist, so he began crafting stories that allowed the reader to use their own imagination to add the visuals to the narrative.

Since he’s enjoyed reading murder mysteries and PI detective stories all his life, he felt he had a pretty good grasp on how to create an engaging character in the world of private detecting.

DEAD IS FOREVER is the first book in the Razzman Files – Tony Razzolito PI series. The book is set in Syracuse, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina, with upcoming books in the series concentrated more in and around the Charlotte area.

Joe is uniquely qualified to write about both areas of the country since he lived in Syracuse for 36 years and Charlotte for the last 20 plus years.

Review by C.W. Hawes:

I like Joe Congel’s writing. He’s a good storyteller and gives you characters you care about.

This collection of stories is a super introduction to Mr. Congel’s work.

Or it can as a bit of sweet dessert when you’ve read all of his other books.

In either case, you can’t go wrong with these tales of people and the lives they live.

There’s a reason I own all of Joe Congel’s book. Give this book a try and you just might own them all too.

Review by Gatordude:

Short stories are a wonderful way to see a writer’s work on display.

Joe Congel delivers an eclectic mix of short stories in this volume, but they are all well written, show emotional intelligence, deliver twists and turns, and stick the landings with satisfying endings.

You’ll enjoy these stories and want to read more.

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