Featured: Love on The Rocks by Debbie De Louise

Featured: Love on The Rocks by Debbie De Louise Purchase:
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A great weekend or take-along read for mystery buffs who enjoy genial characters, cute couples, and a good plotline.

It’s February in the small town of Cobble Cove. Love is in the air . . . but so is murder!

When Alicia helps plan a Valentine’s Day Party at the Cobble Cove library that also includes a surprise for her newlywed friend, Gilly, things go wrong when a mysterious box of chocolates addressed to the director turns out laced with poison.

Clues Lead to A Dead Suspect.

Although Alicia promised John she’ll no longer meddle in crime investigations, she and Gilly set out to find the person threatening Sheila who murdered the courier of the deadly candy.

The three people they suspect include the professor from California who’s been romancing Sheila while she assists him with research for his book; the obnoxious patron Rhonda Kleisman who threw coffee at the director after refusing to pay for a damaged book; and a visiting widow staying at Gilly’s inn who’s unnaturally curious about Sheila and earns the nickname of Madame Defarge for her interest in knitting.

New Cat in Town

While Alicia and Gilly are trying to solve this new Cobble Cove mystery, Sneaky is introduced to Gilly’s new kitten, Kittykai, a calico she brought home from her honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s not like at first sight, but the two cats eventually become friends. They also both play a part in foiling the killer’s murder attempts, but will Alicia and Sheila survive unscathed?

Debbie De Louise

From Debbie De Louise:

I’m a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island and the award-winning author of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series. I have a B.A. in English and an MLS in Library Science.

My first novel, a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow was written after my beloved cat, Floppy, died from diabetic and liver complications. The book was dedicated to him, and he is featured as a character in it. Cloudy Rainbow was recently reprinted by my publisher with fresh edits, a new cover, and a few updates.

My second novel, the first book of the Cobble Cove mystery series, A Stone’s Throw, is the story of a widowed librarian who visits her husband’s hometown and finds a new love with the town’s newspaper publisher but also discovers some alarming truths about her husband’s death and its connection to the publisher and his family.

Along with a variety of characters, there is also a cat and dog who play minor but interesting roles in the novel. The other books in my Cobble Cove series include Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Written in Stone, and Love on the Rocks. I’ve also published a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, and a standalone mystery, Reason to Die. My latest release is a psychological mystery, Sea Scope, about a murder at a lighthouse in South Carolina.

I’m a member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters-in-Crime, the Cat Writer’s Association, and Long Island Authors Group and have published articles in Cats Magazine and Catnip (Tufts University Veterinary Newsletter).

I won the Glamour Puss special award from Hartz Corporation for my Catster.com article, “Brushing your cat for bonding, beauty, and better health,” (June 2016). My short mystery, “Stitches in Time” was published in the Cat Crimes Through Time Anthology, (1999).

I have also published several other short stories of various genres in Solstice anthologies. I live on Long Island with my husband, Anthony; daughter, Holly; and our cat, Stripey, Harry, and Hermione.

Review by Author JB Richards:

Whether you’re reading from the Cobble Cove Mystery Series in sequence, or taking in Love on the Rocks (Book 4) as a first-time, stand-alone read, Author Debbie De Louise pens a homey and engaging murder mystery in this compelling mystery suspense novel.

De Louise’s main characters work well together with Alicia, Gilly, and the whole library crew, including the resident feline and his newly-found friend, trying their best to come to terms with the recent murder of a dear friend… not to mention a freshly attempted attack on Sheila, their beloved Library Director.

The author familiarizes us with her ensemble and their backgrounds throughout the read, making each character feel like family even as she sets up several plausible suspects for the role of murderer.

While her characters live their daily lives, taking care of family and friends, De Louise tempts readers by throwing several wrenches into the plotline before she narrows down the list to just one embittered individual who believes they have reason enough to execute their terrible vendetta.

Love on the Rocks (Cobble Cove Mystery Book 4) makes a great weekend or take-along read for mystery buffs who enjoy genial characters, cute couples, and a good plotline. With plenty of humor and several backstories about marriage, children and pets plugged into the narrative, Love on the Rocks may be considered a wholesome mystery/clean romance read, appealing to women ages 17 and up.

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