Featured Selection: Dead of Winter by Tom Threadgill

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There is an intriguingly suspenseful plot, believable and likable characters (as well as a truly creepy one). You can pre-order the political thriller for 99 cents.

How far will he go to have his revenge?

When the fingers of dead women start showing up in the Supreme Court’s mail, ex-FBI Agent Jeremy Winter is brought back to the Bureau to aid in the investigation. Agent Maggie Keeley, his girlfriend and now boss, leads the search for the serial killer.

Together, Jeremy and Maggie learn the five remaining cities on the murderer’s list, but they have no idea when the killer will strike or whom he will target.

When they stumble upon a clue at the scene of a young woman’s death, the case focuses on an abandoned ramshackle home in sparsely populated west Texas.

As the FBI closes in, the ante is upped in ways no one could have imagined, forcing Jeremy to choose between justice and revenge.

About Tom Threadgill:

Tom Threadgill turned his love of a good tale into a full-time profession. His books have a distinct focus on clean, suspenseful action with strong character development.

When not writing, he teaches, edits, and mentors others in the art of storytelling. In his downtime, Tom enjoys woodworking, riding his Harley, and chasing the elusive Yard of the Month award.

He currently resides with his wife in rural western Tennessee and can be reached through his website at TomThreadgill.com.

Review by txdoc:

these are just a few of the sensations you experience as you read this completely enthralling second installment of the Jeremy Winter thrillers. Once again our hero, Jeremy, is tracking a psychopath in the hopes of bringing an end to the string of dead women left in this serial killer’s wake.

The story moves at a brisk pace and keeps the reader captivated with a perfect balance of action, human interest, and almost unbearable anticipation.

As Levi, our deranged antagonist carefully cultivates his trail of destruction ever closer to Jeremy and his girlfriend/FBI partner, you will find yourself gripping your Kindle (or other e-reader) more and more tightly and become irritated with yourself for not being able to read faster.

This author consistently offers quality reading entertainment. This story and these characters are so skillfully brought to life that you will find yourself thinking about this book long after you have finished reading it.

This book must have been professionally edited and proofread as the flow of the narrative is not compromised by distracting typos and grammatical errors. There is violence (it is, after all, a story about catching a serial killer) but the violence is not graphic.

There is no foul language. There is no animal cruelty. There is an intriguingly suspenseful plot, believable and likable characters (as well as a truly creepy one), and a satisfyingly complete story arc with no cliffhanger ending (though I do look forward to more Jeremy Winter stories in the, hopefully, not too distant future).