Featured Selection: Jack Frost by Christopher Greyson

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It blends elements of Hitchcock and Ken Follett with a unique twist and a remarkable main character in a gripping thriller.

Jack has a new assignment: to investigate the suspicious death of a soundman on the hit TV show Planet Survival.

Jack goes undercover as a security agent where the show is filming on nearby Mount Minuit. Soon trapped on the treacherous peak by a blizzard, a mysterious killer continues to stalk the cast and crew of Planet Survival.

What started out as a game is now a deadly competition for survival. As the temperature drops and the body count rises.

What will get them first? The mountain or the killer?

About Christopher Greyson:

Christopher Greyson is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of mystery, action, and thriller novels. His acclaimed Detective Jack Stratton Series has been read by over a million readers and counting. This action-packed series has a broad appeal, finding favor with mystery, thriller, and romance readers alike. The series includes And Then She Was Gone, Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks Are Wild, Jack and the Giant Killer, Data Jack, Jack of Hearts, Jack Frost, with Jack of Diamonds to come. Christopher Greyson has also penned the bestselling psychological thriller, The Girl Who Lived, a young adult fantasy, Pure of Heart, and a special collection of mysteries, The Adventures of Finn and Annie. 

Greyson’s love of mystery and adventure began with his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero. He will never forget being introduced to his grandfather’s friend, a WWI pilot who flew across the skies at the same time as the feared legendary Red Baron. Since he was a little boy, Christopher Greyson dreamt of what mystery was around the next corner, or quest lay over the hill. If he couldn’t find an adventure, one usually found him! Now he weaves those tales into his stories.

Christopher Greyson’s educational background is an eclectic mix of degrees in Computer Science, Theatre and Communications. He resides in Massachusetts with his lovely wife, Katherine Greyson, author of the bestselling romance-mystery series Everyone Keeps Secrets, and their two wonderful children, Laura and Christopher.

Christopher Greyson enjoys hearing from his readers. Please visit ChristopherGreyson.com, where you can become a preferred reader and enjoy additional FREE Adventures of Finn and Annie, advanced notifications of book releases and enter the giveaways and win prizes like a HD Kindle Fire Tablet!

Review by L. Paul:

I literally canceled a weekend day’s plans as I could not put this book down. It blends elements of Hitchcock and Ken Follett with a unique twist and a remarkable main character in a gripping thriller set on top of a mountain as men and murder collide.

This was the first book in the series I have read but there was just enough backstory in the plot to explain who and what relationships were without distracting from the storyline, something that is not easy for an author to do.

Although the plot has a subplot involving the main character’s fiance, the two storylines never clash and the various twists and turns in the story appear seamless.

Well done Mr. Greyson. I’ve already ordered more in the series.

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