Featured: Shadows of Hope by J. B. Hawker

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Hope faces the needs of a wayward teen, a disastrous weekend camping trip, and even being targeted by murderous drug dealers.

Hope Masterson, who first appears in the popular Tillamook Tillie series, is an independent-minded ex-Marine. Currently teaching self-defense in the seaside community of Bannoch, Oregon, and recently married to Reverend Gideon Hopkins (introduced in Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Whippersnapper), himself a former Army Ranger.

Hope finds herself on unusually shaky ground as she adjusts to the unfamiliar challenges facing a pastor’s wife.

Although the members of the First Ladies Club are eager to help her, Hope’s prior struggles have left her reluctant to lean on anyone.

Hope’s efforts to find her footing are further complicated by the expectations of her new congregation, the needs of a wayward teen, a disastrous weekend camping trip, and even being targeted by murderous drug dealers.

Can toned muscles and self-defense techniques shield her from the dangers and heartache ahead?

About J. B. Hawker:

Currently living in the wilds of Northern California, J.B. is a woman of a certain age with a lot of living behind her, who looks forward to all the great adventures ahead.

J.B. mines the richness of her history as a pastor’s wife in small communities all over the Western United States to people her not-quite-cozy mystery/thrillers. (If you’ve ever attended a small town church, you may even recognize some of the characters.)

Writing from a Christian perspective, her stories include men and women at all stages in their faith walk, along with some truly scary villains.

J.B. hopes her readers appreciate main characters who struggle with their faith as real Christians do and that non-believers will get a peek at Christian life beyond media stereotypes.

After twenty years serving small churches from Alaska to South Dakota, J.B.Hawker returned to her California roots to start over in mid-life as a single businesswoman, inspirational speaker, and award-winning author.

“I’ve made up stories my whole life,” said Hawker when interviewed. “While other children might need a flashlight to read under the covers after bedtime, I simply made up my own stories, many of which lasted multiple nights, having intricate details and characters drawn both from my life and my imagination.”

J.B. has published many articles on faith and ministry.

Hollow, the first book in the Bunny Elder series and winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award, was her first published fiction.

J.B. has three grown sons. Her oldest, the father of her three beautiful granddaughters, lives in northern Italy, the setting of the second book in the series, Vain Pursuits, also a B.R.A.G. Medallion winner.

Review by Andrea L. Stoeckel:

“I think I understand,” she said. “But I also think it’s better when we live up to our own expectations, rather than try to be what we think others expect.”

Hope Hopkins was a new pastor’s spouse having recently married Reverend Doctor Gideon Hopkins of Bannoch’s Mount Zion Tabernacle. A retired Marine who taught self-defense classes to older community members Hope was sure she’d fall short of the expectations of the rest of Bannoch, let alone the First Ladies’ Club. The last thing she’d ever expected was to become First Lady of Mt.Zion!

Wondering what might be expected of her, stepping in to oversee the Youth Camping trip. Bannoch was a small town, but the attempts to establish a drug presence in the schools was unsettling to parents as well as older kids.

And when one of the teens invites a recent overdose victim, things aren’t getting any easier. Dawn might have been a victim of the foster system, acting out her frustration with her foster mother with the drugs, but she envies the family the church exhibits and works hard to be able to go on the trip.

Little does anyone know how all these pieces are going to fit together as the Church trip intersects with the drug cartel. Leave it to J. B. Hawker to gently combine the problems of today’s life with a foundation of faith and Hope.