Featured: The Istanbul Conspiracy by Lynda Filler

Featured: The Istanbul Conspiracy by Lynda Filler Purchase:

Review: “I absolutely love reading this author’s work, she has a way with her words and I know when I pick a book up I need to be prepared to be worthless till I’m completely finished.” 

The wedding of DJ Turk and the daughter of the Minister of Defense is about to take place on a mega-yacht on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Hours later the much-anticipated photos show corpses lined up along the dock and a bride covered in blood.

Was this a random act of terror, a targeted assassination of the Turkish political elite, or an attack on DJ Turk who leads a double life?

Luke and Samaar of the Raven Group have their own wedding to attend but it’s called off at the last minute when they uncover a breach in their security. Instead of returning to Paris, they come to the aid of the Turk to get to the bottom of this horrific event.

The conspiracy they uncover must be prevented before the balance of power in the world is perilously reversed.

Lynda Filler

Meet Lynda Filler:

Lynda Filler spent 2019 traveling. She left Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and visited the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Malaysia, and India.

Her travels have filled her creative mind with plots and intrigue. Book 7 in the Code Raven Series, The Istanbul Conspiracy, is the combination of her vivid imagination and the beauty and mystery of Istanbul, Turkey.

She writes Mystery, Action, Contemporary and Romantic Suspense, Urban Poetry, and Memoir. Lynda’s been accused of writing autobiographical stories, but so far no can get her to admit it!

She loves to hear from her fans on Facebook where you can find her book news, crazy fun quotes, and photographs of both Mexico, Istanbul, and all of Lynda’s travels.

Her work is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Her memoir is “Powerful and unforgettable, the journey of a remarkable woman.”

2020 will see another Code Raven Book and a Memoir/Inspirational/Motivational book.

Readers Favorite 2018 Bronze Medal in Contemporary Fiction Social Issues Lie to Me, an exposé on sex for money.
Her work was honored in Book of the Month October 2017 RRBC

Best in Contemporary Fiction 2017 for Target in the Sun, BTRC

“Fall in love with a beautiful mind and a deep soul. It’s like drowning in something that leaves you breathless, but still full of life.”

Review by Tony J. Poulsen:

The Raven Group is in Instanbul, Turkey, after a friend’s wedding party is shot up by unknown terrorists. The plot takes a turn as the book progresses.

The introduction helps a new reader who the main characters are and what they stand for.

What I loved about the story is I felt as though I was there as Ms. Fuller described each scene. I understand she currently lives there so there must be pictures of the city to actually see for ourselves.

A great story and read the previous books of the Raven Group. Cannot wait for the next book

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