Featured: In The Time It Takes To Blink by David Six

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Will leave you breathless as it races breakneck through twists and turns to its startling conclusion!

A grieving cop, living at the bottom of a bottle. A relentless serial killer, back to play the game after a ten-year retirement.

Frank Bruno is the cop, a former Santa Mariana, California, detective. The killer is the faceless murderer known only as “Deadly Sins”. Ten years ago, Bruno was closing in on Deadly Sins, when unimaginable, horrifically bloody tragedy struck at the very heart of his life. That day, he walked away from his home, his career, the job…

The case.

He spends his days fishing off a tidepool in the Pacific, across Highway 1 from the abandoned gas station where he lives. And he drinks. But the booze doesn’t make him forget what he saw, that last day on the job. Nothing will, except death.

Now, his former partner, and newly-anointed lieutenant, Rita “Sally” Salvanian, shows up at his door with a case file. In it are photographs of Deadly Sins’ first victim in a decade. Bruno wants nothing more to do with the cops, the law, or the case.

But Sally knows how to play Bruno, and she does. Before he knows it, Bruno is drawn back into the hunt for one of the most horrific killers Northern California has ever known.

With the help of a young friend who rescued Bruno four years before from certain arrest and the devastated but resolute mother of Deadly Sins’ newest victim, Bruno may have a chance this time to put to rights his mistakes of a decade ago.

If Deadly Sins doesn’t get to him first.

David Six

Meet David Six:

Everyone is afraid of something.

Maybe it’s that flash of movement you are sure you saw from the corner of your eye just a second ago, but when you turned, nothing was there. Maybe it’s the new noise in your house that you tell yourself is just the joists settling. Maybe it’s your neighbor who seems friendly and convivial, but there is something just a bit off about them.

Ordinary people encountering other people–or, perhaps, things–are at the crux of what I write. Ordinary people can be heroes, but they can also have the fecal matter scared out of them when they are stepping up.

Some tales have a happy ending, but not all. And whether the monsters are human, or something else, their stories will be real.

David Six lives in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, area.

Review by S.A.M.:

David Six’s In the Time It Takes to Blink delivers a fast-paced, juicy story with the bones of a thriller and the heart of a repartee-rich buddy cop drama.

I particularly appreciated the time he devotes to delving into the backstory and psychology of the villain, allowing us to feel some sympathy for him even in his darkest moments.

This book may appeal to fans of dark, Hannibal Lecter-Esque serial killer stories or those looking for the satisfying procedural mechanisms of a CSI.

With this installment, Six lays the foundations for us to follow the partnership of Bruno and Salvanian for years to come, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures they have in store.

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