Featured: A Touch of Morning Calm by Wayne Zurl

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Too many bodies, too many suspects, and why is the Korean mob running loose in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Chief Sam Jenkins runs headlong into Tennessee’s faction of Korean organized crime when a mobster tries to shake down two former call girls attempting to establish a legitimate business.

Soon, bodies begin piling up—all with a Korean connection—in Sam’s town of Prospect and nearby Knoxville.

Sorting truth from fiction calls for more than Sam and his officers can handle, so he turns to the women in his life for assistance.

His wife, Kate, Sergeant Bettye Lambert and TV news anchor, Rachel Williamson contribute significantly in clearing the convoluted homicides.

Wayne Zurl

Meet the Author:

Wayne Zurl worked for twenty years as a police officer in New York before retiring to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. For thirteen of those years he served as a section commander superivsing investigators.

Prior to his police career, Zurl served in the US Army during the Vietnam war and continued on in the Reserves.

Before all that, he worked in the fledgling business of computers–when they were seven feet tall. Somewhat disenchanted with the IBM/data processing business, Zurl decided computers were nothing but a passing fad–something that would never replace humans, and he scrapped reentry into that world after returning from his stint with the Army overseas, and collected unemployment insurance until he was offered the only job somewhat compatable with his military background.

In 2006 he began writing police stories. His premier novel, A NEW PROSPECT, won Indie and Eric Hoffer Book Awards for best Mystery and Commercial Fiction respectively. Zurl has also been named as a finalist for a First Horizon Book Award and a Montaigne Medal. He currently has nine novels and twenty-seven novelettes published in the Sam Jenkins mystery series. Many of the novelettes were produced as audio books.

For more infromation about Wayne, visit www.waynezurlbooks.net where you can find a list of available books, photos, other writing available only from the author, special messages, and several recent interviews with the media. Sign up for eMail notifications about new releases or follow Wayne via his Facebook and Twitter links on the web site.

Review by Roy Murray:

Sam Jenkins, police chief in Prospect Tennessee, is a character that I cannot get enough of because he is what my uncle Lou would call spiffy. He has all the charm that the ladies love and that dirty criminal mind that is used to get the real criminal behind bars.

The novel starts with the killing of a young Korean masseuse after a new massage parlor is opened in town by an ex-hooker acquaintance whom Sam cleared in an investigation of a previous murder and a lovely Korean woman. Trouble always comes in multiple for Sam.

There is a shakedown of the parlor and Sam investigates using all of his small-town police force, family, and friends. His and his wife’s knowledge of Korea, his friend’s abilities, and Sam’s uncanny New York detective work sheds light at the end of the tunnel.

The way Sam Jenkins’ mind detects baffles all his cohorts, including those in big city Knoxville, but he gets the job done. He is a softy at heart, but don’t even think his wife knows how his mind works.

Mr. Zurl’s whodunit novels will always be on my bookshelf. This mystery kept me thinking to the end.

If you like a good book, try one of Wayne’s.

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    Caleb & Linda…Thanks for inviting Sam Jenkins and all the girls and boys from Prospect back for another visit.