Featured: The Wooded Path by Nancy LiPetri

Featured: The Wooded Path by Nancy LiPetri Purchase:
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Bewilderment turns to guilt, to shame, to sorrow as each woman struggles through the mystery of a friend’s disappearance.

The disappearance of a woman on Lake Norman, North Carolina, shakes a close-knit community, leading friends to question their own paths in life.

Laine McClelland’s seemingly perfect world is suddenly filled with dark thoughts, dangerous temptations and surprising confessions.

What is normal once you realize life’s short, anyway?

Was her marriage ever enough?

She finds herself risking it all…and afraid of what really happened to their friend.

A provocative, often edgy, read about women you feel you know, set on the popular lake that colors the mood with its changing seasons.

Nancy LiPetri

Meet Nancy LiPetri:

Nancy LiPetri now writes in south Florida, after living on Lake Norman, North Carolina, for fourteen years. Her first novel, The Wooded Path, takes readers to the town of Mooresville on Lake Norman, to experience the culture, seasons and lake life along with realistic neighbors. Locals will enjoy finding familiar names and facts throughout the story.

To find out more about the area, visit NancyLonLakeNorman.blogspot.com and see Nancy’s Lake Norman board at http://www.pinterest.com/NancyLiPetri for more photos like the ones on this page.

Also explored in her stories are a fascination with psychology and the power of the subconscious. Her characters often find themselves struggling with dark thoughts, confusion, and temptations. What will they dare to share and act upon?

Common themes to The Wooded Path and Across the Lake are infidelity, mortality, morality, and love of all kinds. Content is adult; romance may get steamy yet not graphic. Nancy’s writing is often called vivid, realistic and relatable.

She hopes her various characters will reassure readers they are not alone in their secret dilemmas. Readers are bound to recognize a bit of themselves or a friend in the cast of characters. Above all, her stories are intended to entertain. She writes a fast pace to keep you flipping pages and looking for more.

When she’s not at her desk writing with the help of her two cats, you’ll find her at the beach (often with camera), practicing yoga with neighbor pals and working on her game with the pickleball club (she and hubby play some mean mixed doubles).

She also enjoys connecting with fellow wildlife enthusiasts, friends, and readers on social media. Stop by her Facebook and say Hi.

Review by Yvonne Erwin:

A group of middle-aged women meets regularly to play bunco. One sparkly September night, the friends take a boat ride, and come back without one of their members.

No one can remember much about Paula, where she was sitting, whether she was being social, where her shoes might have ended up.

Except for the heavy choker she was wearing the night she disappears, Paula remains a luminescent mystery. Bewilderment turns to guilt, to shame, to sorrow as each woman struggles through the mystery.

How did Paula disappear right under our noses? And as the mystery lingers on through the seasons on Lake Norman, each woman discovers cracks in her own life, in particular, Laine McClelland.

Laine has it all – a wonderful husband, great son, beautiful home, a horse – on the surface anyway. With Paula’s disappearance, Laine begins to question her marriage, her age, her position in life.

It’s a midlife crisis, alright, and Laine is churning with an unspoken desire for something new. She compares the wooded path leading from her home to the stable where she boards her horse to her marriage. On the surface, it’s lush and flowered but underfoot, she feels roots and ruts digging at her soul.

This is a story of questioning and self-discovery. I loved the storyline, the descriptions of Lake Norman, North Carolina, were beautiful, and the human truths this story contains are such every woman can relate to. I recommend this book for your reading shelf.

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