Featured: Other Worlds by P. A. Priddey

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Fighting a battle royal with witches, creatures, vampires, goblins that threaten Vesta Mansion.

Alex Aylward and friends search for two witches to rescue a wizard trapped by an ancient spell. As their power grows they find they have other talents.

He dreams of a future battle on another world and has to find the portal to save the inhabitants from demons.

Those from the mansion find themselves surrounded in mythology, both good and evil.

Alex has another problem, the oncoming darkness and the sacrifice he must make.

About P.A. Priddey

P.A. Priddey has been an avid reader most of his life. Although he will read most books his favorite genre is fantasy. The story of Vesta Mansion evolved three years ago when an idea kept returning. A story which grew into a trilogy of over 400 thousand words.

The epic fantasy series, set in modern-day United Kingdom, starts off with The Power Inside. Alex Aylward, a single man with no children, has to find friends to save and protect his daughters. Many join him as secrets which have been hidden for thousands of years are revealed, along with creatures thought of as myths.

An Experiment in Emotions is exactly that, an experiment. Could a reader care about characters in a short story? It contains ten short stories to test different emotions.

Review by Summer Day:

P.A. Priddey has done it again!

Truthfully had me fascinated with each page of terrific short stories of Alex journey. He’s single with two daughters to protect, and many join to help him fight witches, creatures, vampires, goblins, and much more.

Alex lives in a huge mansion, which is very intriguing with all the characters in the story coming alive. I truly was captivated with P. A. Priddy books; I recommend this book it’s a must-read.