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Not even the psychic can predict the conclusion of the troubling investigation.

It’s a case unlike any other. In a rundown, old house, clear evidence of a murder exists in the absence of a body. Before Detective Ray Schiller and his partner can expose the killer, it’s essential that they find and identify the victim.

The discovery of devastating evidence makes it critical that they resolve the case without delay. Compelled by the urgency of the situation, they grudgingly accept the help of an up-and-coming psychic known for finding the remains of missing persons.

Meanwhile Ray is dragged into a perplexing situation by a woman claiming the new detective he is mentoring, her fiancé, deceived, abandoned, and beat her. That’s disturbing enough, but the detective insists he has never seen her before.

Trying to stay focused on the murder case, Ray finds the psychic’s revelations are impressive but increasingly troubling. Not even the psychic can predict the conclusion of the troubling investigation.

Marjorie Doering

About Marjorie Doering:

Marjorie (Swift) Doering has been a small-town girl all her life. She came from a family background virtually overflowing with PGA and LPGA golf professionals, but veered off that course in favor of writing.

While not pursuing the natural path of a Secondary Education degree holder, but has definitely put her English major/Psychology minor education to good use in her novels.

She’s written over one hundred short stories but is proudest of her Ray Schiller mystery/police procedural series: Dear Crossing, Shadow Tag, Targeted and Web of Silence. Remains, the fifth book in The Ray Schiller Series, has just been released. Ray is in for another exciting case.

  • Marjorie Doering

    I love putting Detectives Ray Schiller and his partner Dick Waverly to the test in each of their cases. REMAINS was no exception. I’m so pleased to have their newest investigation showcased. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing the story. Thank you to Caleb Pirtle of Venture Galleries!

  • Nancy Hudgins

    Sounds very intriguing! Will go on my TBR shelf!

    • Marjorie Doering

      It’s just been released but has a couple excellent reviews already. I think you’ll enjoy it, Nancy. Thanks!