The Devil of Light by Gae-Lynn Woods

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Author Gae-Lynn Woods supplies a well-drawn cast of characters, supplying believable motivations that move the action forward. Her writing is lyrical and eloquent.


When young Detective Cass Elliot responds to a 911 call at the home of a prominent businessman, she finds him violently murdered in the barnyard with his battered wife unconscious near the tool that killed him. Still raw from her own unsolved attack six years ago, Cass is stunned when confronted with graphic photographs scattered across their kitchen floor that lead to a shadowy sect called The Church of the True Believer.


Cass and her partner Mitch Stone delve into a cunning world of blackmail and violence – and find a cult concealed for nearly a century beneath the genteel, small town façade of Arcadia in East Texas. Their investigation triggers a brutal response from powerful men who will protect their identities at any cost. They unleash a ruthless killer whose actions create a media frenzy and destroy the fabric of trust within the police department.


Cass and Mitch circle closer to the cult’s few members, following a slim lead into a night lit by fire. A night that begins with a blood ritual and ends with Cass holding a man’s life – or death – in her hands and struggling to walk the fine line between vengeance and justice.

Review by CarrieGreenBooks:

The Devil of Light begins with a classic plot device of ‘a stranger comes into town.’ In this case it’s the East Texas town of Arcadia, and the stranger is Hitch, an ex-con and a murderer.

His evil nature is recognized, at a glance, by the ‘Old Man,’ the leader of a religious cult that has been operating in this seemingly quiet rural community for generations. The Old Man offers Hitch employment. This act sparks the fire that will illuminate, to the general public, the activities of the secret society known as The Church of the True Believer.

Slowly uncovering all of their criminal activity is newly promoted, Cass Elliot, the first woman detective in Forney County. She has secrets of her own and a hidden agenda in pursuing law enforcement. Her secrets and those of the town collide in the stunning finale of this book.

Author Gae-Lynn Woods supplies a well-drawn cast of characters, supplying believable motivations that move the action forward. Her writing is lyrical and eloquent. You’ll be reluctant to put this book down, once you start reading it, and look forward to the next book in what promises to be an engrossing series.

Review by Amazon Customer:

There’s a consensus brewing about this novel…and I for one have to absolutely agree. The writing is eloquent, timely, descriptive without being overly burdened, and the mystery element is THERE. Really, right there.

I loved this book. I read it very quickly when I first downloaded, and then, I went back and re-read it, just for the deliciousness of the text, the wonderful way it weaves itself, the marvelously defined characters, Cass, of course, WOW! But, also in the supporting characters.

There’s an elegance to this thriller. Not just your average paint-by-number mystery, but the author really wants you to feel, really wants you to GET into the souls of these people…as inhumane and disgusting they may be. I’m hooked.

I cannot wait for the next foray to FORAY County, (no pun intended) I will be here, front and center, digesting all that Gae-Lynn has to offer. Hats off! I LOVED IT!