Chills and Goose Bumps. The Authors Collection.


DID YOU EVER REALIZE how active your imagination is?

It’s dark. You’re in a familiar environment and hear an unfamiliar sound.

What is it?

More threatening is, who is it?

Are you really alone? Are you as safe as you thought you were?

Imagination begins to fill in the blanks.

Your autonomic nervous system kicks in. You know, that “fight or flight” response that happens when your body senses danger.

Just hearing the theme music to the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents can do the same thing with me.

Every short story in the collection entitled, Chills, by the author of Spirit Within Club, has an aspect that will elicit such a response.

They’re back — for a close encounter from another dimension. Sahar Sabati wrote about the spirit within in her first book and now tells us seven absorbing stories about spirits without.

We hang on every word.

What and when will the punch line appear?

A lonely woman seeks closure and meets strangers still trying to cope with a similar loss.

A commuter meets a stranger whose picture she has just seen.

Star crossed lovers evoke an O. Henry paradox while a car in the fog delivers a couple to a Dorian Gray-like work of art.

A killer misses his chance, but a dead neighbor appears in a snowstorm.

Sabati saved the best for last, “Mindy’s Melody,” in which readers share a rare moment of clarity in one man’s search for a second chance. Along with him, we’re lifted up and believe that angels do exist.

Sabati warns us in the preface that these stories are all true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The goosebumps you feel will be real.

Would I buy and recommend this book? Yes.

Chills,  an assortment of seven short stories with an appropriate title, delivers.


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  • Darlene Jones

    Best not to read this just before you go to bed, I’m guessing.

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