Here Comes Literary Fiction: Book Cover Winners

Literary Fiction captures the beauty, the quality, the images of stories as they’ve never been told before.

The East Texas Writers Guild is proud to announce the top three winners in the Blue Ribbon Book Cover Contest for Literary Fiction.

Linda Pirtle, president of ETWG, pointed out that entries were submitted from across the United States from California to New Jersey, as well as from Great Britain, Australia, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. It was indeed an international contest.”

Entries were judged by a team of artists and designers in the Dallas area.

Here are the top three winners for Literary Fiction.

First Place

A Bend in the Willow

Susan Clayton-Goldner

Book Cover Designer: Elle J Rossi

Willowood, Kentucky 1965 – Robin Lee Carter sets a fire that kills her rapist, then disappears. She reinvents herself and is living a respectable life as Catherine Henry, married to a medical school dean in Tucson, Arizona.

In 1985, when their 5-year-old son, Michael, is diagnosed with a chemotherapy-resistant leukemia, Catherine must return to Willowood, face her family and the 19-year-old son, a product of her rape, she gave up for adoption.

She knows her return will lead to a murder charge, but Michael needs a bone marrow transplant. Will she find forgiveness, and is she willing to lose everything, including her life, to save her dying son?

Second Place

A Wing and a Prayer

John Morano

Lupé might be the very last Guadalupe petrel alive, and he knows the best way to save his flock is to find the Islands of Life and a mate. The problem is the well-meaning man-flock that’s decided to keep him safe… in a cage. But Lupé has hatched an escape plan all his own!

Told in a ‘Disneyesque’ style, “A Wing and a Prayer” will have you smiling and laughing as you’re introduced to wonderful characters but also important themes, especially the environment.

Often compared to works such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Watership Down, and The Jungle Book, this 25th Anniversary Edition also features an introduction by ​Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

Third Place

Every Storm Has Its Fury

Sara Marie Hogg, writing as Lula Longstreet

Book Design: Julie Medina

When a small town newspaper offers a poetry competition, local newspaper woman, Malvina Crabtree, decides on a whim to drive out in the country to interview the winner, a long-time acquaintance.

What starts out as a pleasant drive on a sunny day turns into a nightmare with the sudden and unexpected onslaught of a horrendous storm. She has landed in the backlash tailwind of a Gulf Coast hurricane.

Creeks suddenly rise and Malvina is stuck at the lady’s home for a week where they must live like pioneers–electrical service poofs into non-existence, phone services are zapped as well.

During their ordeal, for lack of anything better to do she asks the eccentric lady to tell her life story–strictly off the record.

During the woman’s lengthy orations, Malvina often feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand up at Buck-Private attention–she definitely gets more than she bargained for…


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