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Hi everyone! Crazy lady here…today is all about the book boyfriends, hailing to Valentine’s Day! 🙂

I decided to write this post so we can have book boyfriend pictures. These book boyfriends will not be in a particular ranking order, I just thought they should be paid homage.

  • From the hilarious Molly Harper, The Nice Girl Series, has two book boyfriends I think we should give credit to.
    • Gabriel, of course, is the obvious character that deserves BB status. He’s handsome, mysterious, gentlemanly…sometimes, and always has an honorable motive driving him. Jane does a great job of helping him relax over the series, but he’s fairly uptight about just about everything, so with Jane’s antics, it’s quite comical. I think Gabriel is like the onion, he has several layers, but it takes awhile to get down to his true self that he hides well.
    • Ok, maybe not as obvious, but I think Dick definitely deserves BB status by the end of the series. Dick turns out to be quite chivalrous with Andrea, Jane, and some other characters we learn about later in the series. He is tactless, a dirty bird, vulgar, and so much more, but it turns out he is a genuinely good guy and I salute Molly for allowing us to see his growth over the series…and his name is Dick Cheney, what more is there to say???



  • Every series Ranay James publishes, The McKinnon Legends to Vampires of Nirvana, has a long line of men we can celebrate and swoon over. My personal favorites are, in order: Connor, Nic, Chase.
    • Connor is in the series from book one, but his book is Unfinished Business, book two. He’s my absolute favorite masculine character of The McKinnon Legends series. I love his stubbornness, the fact he’s a man’s man, has so many redeeming qualities as a loyal friend, protector, and provider.
    • Nic is on the cover, enough said, right? He’s almost as good as Connor…almost. He is THE McKinnon, in my opinion. Throughout this series, it all comes back to Nic and the legacy he begins and continues to lead. A great man of family and honor.
    • Chase…I can’t say too much because he’s woven throughout the McKinnon series (both of them), but his story isn’t until book three of the Vampires of Nirvana series, which has not been published yet (I have an ARC, hallelujah!). All I will say is YOU WILL LOVE HIM! He’s a McKinnon, that’s for sure! Stay tuned for a release date on his book.


  • It’s an honor to see an author move from aspiring to published. I have been privileged to see JoAnna Grace’s growth in the process.  Her Divine Chronicles Series is still my favorite, and it began with her very first published novel.
    • While JoAnna has several amazing male characters, Ryse will ALWAYS be my favorite in this series. He has so much to overcome due to his role and royal duties, and has endured so much, and he does it with excellence. His hard decisions are brought to earth by the hands of the gods, but he has to live with the consequences and fallout of those harsh judgments, forever. When he finds Avery, he then has to save her, not knowing that she had already been attacked years prior to the current day threats. Ryse and Avery have their fair share of trials, tribulations and living through hell. I can’t wait to see how Avery continues to soften Ryse and how they grow together as a couple. Ryse’s brother, Hayden, is a close second. He is special and we’re just now discovering what Hayden’s purpose on earth is, which is exciting. Can’t wait for book six, Divine Escape!!!



  • Last, but not least, all I have to say is #teamedward endures. That’s all! 😉

Here are the websites for Molly Harper, Ranay James, and JoAnna Grace. Check out their books, you won’t regret it!!


Also, here is the quote of the week!


Until next week,


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  • Susan Reeder

    Go Team Jacob!

    • Cheryl Letsch

      uhhh…no! LOL

  • Caleb Pirtle

    So that’s the secret life of Cheryl Letsch. Find a boyfriend. Crawl into a Kindle and settle down. When he makes you mad, all you have to do is crawl out again.

    • Cheryl Letsch

      Caleb, you’re cracking me up! Of course, real life isn’t that simple, but it is much more rewarding than creating a fictional character in one’s head to be in a relationship with!!!

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