Daily Review: Always Thaddeus by Marcee Corn

Intrigue and mystery and love and hope are cleverly woven together in this bittersweet, suspenseful journey.

Hope is a cornerstone of human existence.

Hope may even define what it means to be human.

It is such a visceral emotion that it can be even more enduring than love.

For when love fails, the hope for love can endure.

Marcee Corn

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By Veronica

Author Marcee Corn’s tale of tremendous love and loss in the lives of Andrew, Sandy and Beth and the impact it has takes the reader on a bittersweet, suspenseful journey as they try and rebuild their fractured lives, hanging on to the promise of hope and new beginnings.

Are new chances for happiness possible?

Or will they push some over the edge of sanity?

I really enjoyed this read, highly recommended!

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By AnnieB

Intrigue and mystery and love and hope are cleverly woven together in this novel by Marcee Corn. I could not put this book down. The author also provides a sneak preview into its sequel . . . which I cannot wait to read!

It is rare that I have finished a book to find myself opening it again to reread some of the chapters! The stories of the characters in this novel are so compelling!

The descriptive narratives make me feel as if I am standing on the shores of the islands off Maine’s coast. Awesome writing! Is there a place for 10 stars!?

Great read and have recommended it to many of my friends!

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By Zane Summerfield

WOW Always Thaddeus stats off with such a gripping intensely heartbreaking scene with a mother grieving for her lost child. That just grips you and keeps you reading. The characters within Always Thaddeus will get inside of your skin and you will feel everything they do. That is brilliant writing right there.

Beth, oh my god, what a character she is. So well developed. She is nothing of what she first seems. I won’t give the spoiler away. Her past is haunting, her future is developing with plans to amend her busted heart.

Always Thaddeus is a page-turning book that grips from beginning to end. There is no pause. There is only the dire need to see what happens. And the surprise ending will shock you.

It is very rare that I say a book should be a movie and this is no exception. Always Thaddeus would make for the next big motion movie, easily. The power of emotion is poetic! Covering loss, romance, haunting pasts, and so very mysterious motions that push the book in leaps and bounds.
Highly recommended and it leaves you wanting so much more.

I’m eager for book two and I do hope that the author releases book two sooner rather than later. I need to know more, I want more, I hunger for much more.

Please click HERE to find Always Thaddeus on Amazon.

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