Daily Review: Dead Is Forever by Joe Congel

From the beginning of this book to the end, the action keeps coming.

Tony Razzolito, AKA the Razzman, is tired of dead-end sales jobs and refuses to get another, despite a huge blowout with his wife. Instead, he decides to pursue his dream of becoming a PI. He just has to figure out how to get started.

Just hours later, Tony receives a phone call from his friend, Detective Joe Humphrey – his wife has been murdered. The devastating news sends Tony’s emotions on a roller coaster ride he didn’t expect.

Yes, their marriage had issues, what marriage doesn’t? But now… now he would never have the opportunity to work things out, to make amends, or to say he’s sorry.

Shocked, pissed off and emotionally overwhelmed, he is determined to find the killer and insists on helping Joe with the investigation.

When clues to another woman’s death tie the two crimes together, Tony may discover that some secrets about his wife are better left hidden.

Joe Congel

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By Lizzie

From the beginning of this book to the end, the action keeps coming.

Most people who dream of being PIs do not dream of their first “case” involving the death of their spouse, but that’s exactly what happens with Tony Razzolito, when he gets the horrible news that his wife has been murdered … and in the most awful way.

Because Tony’s best friend, Joe Humphrey is a cop, he is afforded the opportunity to investigate his wife’s murder without being a licensed PI.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers about the story itself. What I can say is that Tony’s character really appealed to me. I found Tony very true-to-life and unlike many people in the real world, he isn’t afraid to take a second look at his flaws and to be introspective and honest with himself.

The author has created a multi-faceted character who I think will probably become even more interesting as he steps into a formal role as PI in future books.

In addition to Tony’s character, Congel did a great job with the supporting characters. I could really picture the action as it unfolded.

Would I read more from this author? Absolutely! He has a great knack for storytelling indeed!

Amazon Review

By BGuiton

Well worth a read is Joe Congel’s debut novel Dead Is Forever where we meet Tony Razzalito, fondly known as Razz to his friends.

As a wannabe private investigator, his chance to realise his dreams comes sooner than expected with the murder of his wife – an interesting concept to kick-start the story.

I loved the characters in this book, that of Razz in particular. An unassuming guy, he’s not afraid to acknowledge his short-comings and shows a fierce loyalty towards his friends. His need to become involved in bringing his wife’s killer to justice is met by Joe Humphrey, a life-long friend who is in charge of the investigation.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Tony Razzolito has found his vocation in life, setting the tone for Joe Congel’s subsequent stories that feature Razzalito as a PI.

It’s a well-written book that has been edited with care, ensuring the story flows along easily. One of the great joys of reading for me is being taken to new places and given a feel for the location and people who live there.

In this, the author doesn’t disappoint. I got a real sense of time and place and an insight into yet another part of the US which was unknown to me.

All in all, a great debut novel that’s encouraged me to read more from this author. Treat yourself to a copy.

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